So, let me just start by saying, there is so much depth to this subject, it can’t be covered in just one blog, or even 20 blogs! Also, this is based on my own personal experiences. I am not a professional, I can only discuss what I found in my own experiences on this matter.


I had a HORRIBLE relationship with food! For so long. Due to this I found it hard to reach my health and fitness goals for a very long time, because despite my best efforts, I would feel unhappy, stressed out or upset and turn to bad food as comfort. When you are an anxious person to start with, this is not a great thing haha. I would get so frustrated with myself, I really wanted to achieve those goals and just could not get there. I would have my other Personal Training Colleagues say just cut carbs, eat high fat, lift weights only, do High Intensity Training. When in fact, none of this would be any help, because my anxiety and stress levels would get insanely high and I would go and eat a whole bunch of food that wasn’t any good for me or my mental state.

comfort eting.png


When you are someone who has these tendencies, it is so frustrating to hear ‘just don’t eat that’ or ‘just do this’ s if you can just switch it off. I guess what I’m saying (and took a very long time to learn myself-which is okay, because now I can help OTHERS) is that if you are a comfort eater, a stressor or an anxious person, you need to sort the emotions out first and not put so much pressure on yourself or feel guilty.


Here is what I found helpful (again not an expert, this is from my experience and if you have tips and hints please comment below 😊) to prevent comfort or stress eating:

–          In a diary or on a note pad, write down the triggers that make you feel stressed, worried or negative in any way. List all of the things that are bothering you and try and make a connection as to why you feel this way. Do you bring home work issues and struggle to switch off, are there some problems with relationships, whether it is intimate, family, friends, do you stress about finance? You guys get the picture.



–          After you have identified the things you are worried about, have a look through and evaluate whether you can:

o    put some strategies or steps in place to reduce the stress and know you are doing something about them, need to get rid of some toxic people in your life (sad, but sometimes you need to do it to grow!),

o   Stop stressing about things that haven’t happened yet (I do this A LOT and often need to write a list of what I’m stressing about to remind myself that I just need to relax and stop being such a worry wart).


–          One these things have been done, try and think of an activity you are going to do when you feel this stressed or worried that you can do, instead of eating. Ideas could be: Call a friend to talk, do some meditation, go for a walk, read, or take up a new hobby such as a team sport or craft to give you another focus.

          Last but, not least, remember that mastering this is going to take time! Even after you have mastered it, there will be times where it is not perfect and you will go off track (I have had this the last 2 weeks to be perfectly honest! But I am working on ensuring I have a list of tasks to get done each week and tick them off, incorporating some meditation into my day and ensuring that I am not seeing food as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and just eating balanced meals with a few treats here and there. If I keep it balanced and don’t restrict myself, I don’t eat loads of bad food.)  Being aware of why you comfort eat and having strategies that work for you in place is important. Doing the strategies consistently is also important. Lastly sorting this part out FIRST is what will make your health and fitness goals be achievable.

I hope that this has helped one person, any suggestions or comments are welcome 😊



WEEK of Training and FOOD


This is a week of insight into my food and training regime. ** Disclaimer** This is relevant to MY goals and worked for me and MY lifestyle. It doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you. But it’s handy to be able to what works for different people



The type of training I do at the moment is mostly cardio, light weight training- focusing on my legs and butt (my problem areas ha-ha), abs and arms, and some high intensity interval training. My goals are mostly weight loss, toning and increasing my fitness levels for upcoming mini triathlons I am planning on completing.

MONDAY: 8 Km Bike ride


-Burpees: 15

-Skipping:50 Skips

-Mountain Climbers: 30

-Step Ups: 15 per leg

-Push Ups: 20

-300m Cardio Sprint

Repeat 4x

30 min walk

WEDNESDAY: Swimming 30 Laps Pool


-Walking Lunges 3×12

-Chest Press 3×12

-Squats 3×12

-Lat Pulldown 3×12

-Kettlebell Deadlifts 3×12


Push up, Mountain Climbers x10

Plank and row x8 per arm

Hip Extensions x20

Single Leg Hip Extensions x10 per leg



3.5km Run (or walk and run)


SATURDAY: WALK 45 minutes


Now if doing all of those workouts don’t fit into 6 days of your week, spread them out over a longer period of time and do walks in between (the weather is warmer so walking outside is AMAZING!)

Also! If I could, I would slot in a body balance or yoga class into my week (unfortunately I work when most of those classes are on)


I’m going to do a typical day during the week (my weekly food doesn’t change too much) and then one on the weekend.



Breakfast: Meat and Veg or eggs (As seen in picture!)

Snack #1: Protein Shake! I use the Happy Way Protein shake, has 8 ingredients-no crap in there. It’s high protein, low carb, sugar, fat! Definite win!

Lunch: Chobani Greek Yoghurt, Frozen Fruit (I usually go between Mango or Berries), Sprinkle of Oats.

Snack #2: 4x Rice cakes, Peanut Butter and Drizzle of Honey

Dinner: Chicken and Kale Coleslaw (You get Kale coleslaw from Coles, track it down, buy it, literally you open the packet and you’re good to go!)

My general rule is don’t cut out carbs, but eat the right ones! And I stay away from them at dinner time and keep my protein pretty high and my fats reasonably low.



On Sundays we usually go out for breakky. I’ll run you through what I had yesterday.

I usually choose Scrambled eggs on toast and always add on mushrooms, tomato and Avocado, if they have it. And my go to coffee is a Cappuccino (I don’t drink coffee with milk in it during the week- I prefer to have dairy in the form of yoghurt or cheese throughout the week)

Snack: We were in Scarborough so I went to one of the cafes and grabbed a green smoothie. SO refreshing!

Lunch: I had ham and cheese on crackers for lunch and some dried fruit.

Snack: Fruit

Dinner: BBQ at my parents’ house. I kept to mostly meat and salad. But I DID have a piece of Bread coz I left my bread at breakky time. Balance!!!

After dinner I ate some chocolate and biscuits. I like to be a bit more lenient on the weekends but I also try and keep it balanced, so that I don’t go overboard.




Don’t DIET!

Hi again, welcome to the 10 weeks before Christmas rush to look fabulous. (I’m doing a slight freak out too!) summer clothes shopping EEEK! It will all be okay though 🙂

I have been talking to a lot of women in the gym the last week and a half and have noticed a really disturbing pattern. SO many of us jump on a strict diet or clean eating regime around this time of year, but what surprises me is that many of these diets have a lack of balance and everyone seems so miserable about eating this way.


SO why are we doing it?


Well, I guess we have all just been told that this is how we have to eat and train to get any results. Let’s cut all the carbs, eat no calories, feel miserable and hungry and train 6 times a week.

I also thought you had to do all these things. But I have found a more balanced, sustainable approach.

I used to get so caught up in all the different ways that you could train and eat. I used to do NO cardio because a few other people I used to work with told me I just needed to lift weights and I’d be fine (which actually does work for some women-usually those who are tall and find it hard to put on fat and muscle). It didn’t really work that well for me. I would get SO HUNGRY and I would eat so much food and I would undo the hard work I had put in because I had eaten so much!


I cut all carbs for a while and just ate meat and green vegetables, 5 meals a day. My goodness! It was so boring! I did not look forward to eating my meals and by the end of the week. I literally ate anything and everything due to having a lack of balance.


Another thing I find interesting, is speaking to mum’s who have this idea in their head that they need to train and eat how they did before kids. It’s so unrealistic! After kids, your body changes, your routine changes, your priorities change. Expecting to go back to how you were eating and training pre children is usually an unrealistic goal. The results you are after can still be achieved if the food you are eating is balanced and you are training 3 times a week.


So what do I do now?

–          I train about 3 times a week! I aim to do one Weights session, one High Intensity Session and one cardio session (a run, a bike ride, swimming, group fitness class)

–          I also try and get a couple of walks in throughout the week. They are relaxing, burn calories and make you feel good. Honestly! Get amongst it!

–          I don’t cut carbs or feel guilty about food anymore. I eat fruit, Oats and rice crackers on a daily basis!  If I go out for breakfast, I’ll eat some bread! It’s about balancing things out. If I’ve had bread for breakky, I might not have oats at lunch time. Another example, I was out for dinner last Tuesday and knew that I had a weekend full of social occasions with lots of yummy food. As much as I wanted a meal with chips or a pizza on Tuesday night, I opted for the beef salad, so that I could enjoy myself on the weekend.


Any questions, comments or queries, feel free to email me or leave them here. I will get back to you as soon as I can


Consistency! A word that I seem to be saying very regularly recently.

What consistency means is: constant, regularity and lack of variation.

In regards to your health and fitness goals it means: training more than once a month or eating well or in an improved way for longer than a week.

Consistency is the number one thing that a lot of people struggle with, when it comes to achieving their health and fitness goals. Changing bad habits can be a very hard thing to do! The harder part about changing bad habits is that you don’t see immediate results from changing them. Your body takes time to process and show these changes and it can be frustrating for all of us.

Keeping the motivation to continue with making the changes in order to see results is something a lot of my clients tend to struggle with. What are my tips to keep your consistency up?

-REMEMBER! You may have spent 5 years not exercising and eat lots of bad food. You cannot expect to change a few things and see results overnight. It could take 3 months before you see any weight loss or improve your health. You have to keep at it for a long time, it needs to be seen as a LIFESTYLE, not something you will only stick to until you have achieved the results you wanted.

-Making unrealistic changes that are hard to maintain, such as cutting out entire food groups or deciding you will NEVER eat the foods you love, will make you lack consistency. Pick a few things to work on: drinking more water, eating more veggies, snacking more throughout the day instead of changing EVERYTHING.

– Follow a program, get a gym buddy, go to a group fitness class.

-If you haven’t exercised for a long time. Don’t try and train 7 days in the first week. Get super sore and then decide that exercise is not enjoyable.

-Remember the 80-20 rule! Eat well 80% of the time. Put your naughty food in 20% of the time. It’s about balance and being able to enjoy yourself! If you know you’re going out for dinner on the weekend. Eat well the day before and after and enjoy dinner with friends by not having to eat salad when everyone else is eating whatever they want.

-Be organised and plan ahead! It makes it easier to make better decisions.

-If you have a bad day, meal, week, whatever. Get back on the wagon! It only gets worse if you keep eating bad food!

Hope that helps. Keep up to date on Facebook: Broadshorts Personal Training and Instagram: broadshorts_pt

Stay Consistent Guys!

What is the best type of Training?

Training, Exercise, Working out. There are so many names for it and SO many different ways to get training done. I get asked so many times, what way is the BEST way to train.

The simple answer is…. It depends on YOU! I have been in the fitness Industry for a while now. When I started, I would try everything that was new or flashy to get BETTER results. I had a few of the other trainers telling me to just do weights, just lift heavy. That is the be all and end all. For a while I listened, but after a while I decided I didn’t like that type of training all the time. ***DISCLAIMER!*** Just because I didn’t like doing that training all the time, doesn’t mean it’s not the right training for everyone! Everyone is different and has different bodies! I have seen quite a few people, do just- or mostly – heavy weights and get great results!

fatty running.png

I found that I got really hungry and then was eating way too much food (and not always the right food-that’s another blog) and it kind of counteracted the results I could potentially have been getting.

I decided to try JUST doing cardio for a while. Which was okay too. But then I felt that I started to get saggy and jiggly. I didn’t really like that balance either. Again!!! Some people can just do cardio and be fine with it. My friend just does cardio and she looks GREAT!

Recently, my best training method is literally a combination of everything!


I love WALKS! I try and do those most days as I find them really relaxing and beneficial to how I’m feeling and also to how I look. My legs definitely lean up a lot when I’m doing a lot of walking.

I do some High Intensity Interval Training once or twice a week. I’ll incorporate sprints on a cardio machine or do a circuit consisting of Burpees, jump squats, rowing, mountain climbers or boxing.

group training.png

I do one or two Full Body Workouts a week. This keeps my muscle tone maintained, bone density and metabolism going. Again!!! Some people do weights every day, but split programs (chest day, back day, leg day. Ab day) For me, I don’t have the time, patience or attention span to do that all the time. Full body works for me a couple of times a week. I find if you are looking for GENERAL fitness Full Body Workouts tend to get the job done.

I also am in the process of adding in runs, rides and swimming as I’m doing a triathlon at the end of the year and NEED to train for it (Slightly scared guys!!! Haha). This proves my point that you have to train for your goals! If I didn’t have a triathlon coming up, I would not be running (don’t love running!)

The One thing I’m constantly needing to add in is a yoga class. Flexibility is an important part of your fitness regime and everyone should have stretching or yoga in their weeks!


Quad Stretch -Ensure hips are tucked under -Think Tall -Shift your weight forward to enhance stretch

I mentioned in my video last week, that you have to add in training that you actually enjoy and be consistent and realistic with how often you are able to do these training sessions. (If you haven’t seen last week’s video blog- check it out!)

Any type of training is good training. If you’re consistent with your food and training, then you will notice results. You also know what your body responds to the best. Just because someone has got great results doing one type of training, does not mean that you are going to get the same results or enjoy that training. Try a few different sessions of different training and find out what you enjoy.

If you have any suggestions or comments, let us know either on the blog or on our Instagram: broadshorts_pt or Broadshorts Personal Training. I am also wanting to do a Nutrition Q & A very soon. SO if you have ANY questions. Please comment on any pic on our Instagram account. I will make a note of the question and begin answering them J


5 Tips to get your Body Summer Ready

My first Video eeeek. Have a watch, would love your feedback! 

I plan to do a few more of these so if there’s anything you’d like to know, comment 0r email me and I’ll do my best to incorporate it into a post. 

Am going to be doing a one off outdoor session,  towards the end of October. If you would like to  know more details, follow us on Facebook: Broadshorts Personal Training.  

Food and Exercise Tracker

Hey guys! Hope you’re staying warm… It’s FREEZING!!!!

Today I’m posting a link with a food and exercise tracker. You can use the tracker to enter in your food as you go, or to plan out your week ahead.

I find it really beneficial to be PREPARED when sticking to a healthy eating and training regime. It helps you be organised and know exactly what you are going to be eating and you have no room for excuses.

I ensure I have a rough idea of what food I’m planning to eat for the week, so I know what I need to be buying at the shops and what I need to be prepping for the day ahead.

The training tracker is also a great way to ensure you actually make it to the gym or do training sessions. It’s like setting mini weekly goals, to get you to your long term health and fitness goals. I am definitely a planner and need to have my week outlined so I actually achieve what I want. If I don’t set up times to train and prep my food. I do NO training, and eat whatever is easiest (which is never healthy!) By the end of the week, I feel sluggish and cranky.

SO here is the link: Food tracker

If you have any strategies you use to keep on track week to week or have any questions, please share below 🙂


How to get a flat belly!

How do I get a flat belly? Quite possibly the most popular question people ask me! The next one after that is: ‘what ab exercises should I be doing for a flat belly?’ Then, even after I give advice on how to get a flat belly, I see people just do abs and don’t really achieve their goal. The reason? People don’t change their food,  training, de stress or drink enough water.


Here are our tips for getting a flat belly (just in time for summer! 😉 )

#1 Drink Water! 2 litres every day at least! Your body needs to be hydrated to be able to get rid of toxins in your body. You will be less bloated- this means you’re a step closer to a flat tummy because less bloated= flatter tummy! You’ll also eat a lot less. If you are dehydrated, you will feel hungry! If you’re hungry you will eat more- usually more of the wrong food choices too- which doesn’t help you achieve that Flat belly goal.


#2 Eat 5 small meals a day! Eating regularly prevents you from being hungry and eating whatever you can get your hands on first! It also keeps your metabolism working, your body will break down your food easier and more efficiently.

5 small meals

#3 Have one main meal a day when you don’t consume starchy carbs. Sweet potato, rice, pasta, bread…. Leave them off the plate once a day!

starchy carbs.png

#4 Eat more Fruit and Veggies! If you don’t have some sort of fruit or veg at most-if not all- meals, then you need to rethink your diet- STAT! The minerals, vitamins, fibre (I could go on forever with the benefits…. But I think you know deep down why you need veggies!)

fruit and veg.jpg

#5 Consistency! If you eat healthy, for 2 or 3 days and then go back to eating what you were before, you are not going to get a flat belly. A treat here and there is okay, don’t get me wrong! But you need to be eating well 80% of the time to get any results! You can Train really hard! But it’s a waste of time unless you change what goes into your mouth.

80-20 rule

#6 Sleep well and De-stress! These two things make such a MASSIVE difference to your health and fitness results, stress makes your hormones go crazy! You go into ‘survival mode’ and your body holds onto everything! We’re talking, toxins, energy, fat and you feel cranky and on edge all the time too. Do some yoga, read a book, spend QUALITY time with family, friends or your partner. Seriously! Be happy!! You’ll be surprised at how much of a difference it makes! I definitely was!!



Just remember, getting that flat belly cannot be done just by doing crunches or the plank! It’s 80% food and 20% exercise. You CAN’T just train and not change what you’re eating. And before you make 272910101 excuses about why you can’t change what you’re eating (and believe me! I’ve heard them all! TWICE! Haha) It can be done, and relatively easily! It’s about making small changes, that are achievable and not scary or restrictive. Do these things and you will be on your way to success in no time! Comments, questions, share your story, below or via email, Face book or Insta


Smart Snack Swaps

Hey Guys, Happy Monday! Today we are looking at everyday snacks that are packed with hidden sugars. Show you what is actually in those snacks and give you some alternate ideas. Scroll ALL the way to the bottom for our Workout of the Week 🙂


  • JUICE:

Example: Just Juice Orange Juice 200mL serve:

76 calories, 0g Fat, 0g Protein, 17g Carbs, SUGAR CONTENT 16g

As you can see, Juice is a sometimes drink, along with soft drink! Change juice to herbal tea (T2 have some amazing teas you can serve cold), Green Smoothie, Water with fruit in it, or just drink water.



Example: Sultana Bran 40g serve:

153 calories, 0.8g Fat, 4.3g Protein, 28.3g Carbs, SUGAR CONTENT 10.2g

At least Sultana Bran has some protein and some good carbs, although the sugar content is still quite high. Replace this cereal choice with 2x eggs, spinach on 1x piece of Rye Bread, Fruit and unflavoured Greek yoghurt, Oats with a drizzle of honey.


Example: Yoghurt Tops Muesli Bar 1 bar

136 Calories, 4.8g Fat, 2.1g Protein, 20.5g Carbs, SUGAR CONTENT 9.6g

Such a small amount of food contain so many calories?! Make the swap to a piece of fruit, or a tin of tuna or rice cakes with ham, tomato and cheese.

muesli bars


Example: Yoplait Low Fat Yoghurt Strawberry Flavour 175g Serve

163 Calories, 3.3g Fat, 8.9g Protein, 24.2g Carbs, SUGAR CONTENT 23.6g

Make the change to Greek Yoghurt, Hummus with Veggie sticks or Low fat Cheese on Cruskits


  • PASTA:

Cooked Spaghetti Pasta 1 cup

220 Calories, 1.3g Fat, 8.0g Protein, 43g Carbs,

Although there isn’t too much sugar in pasta, the density of it is not great for weight loss goals. Unless you are bulking or training like a professional athlete you don’t need that amount of carbs regularly. Change Pasta for zucchini noodles in your spag bowl, have rice or sweat potato instead.





Do 21 of everything, 15 of everything then 9 of everything. Finish the workout with a 5oom Row. Try to have as little rest as possile. Let us Know how you go

7 Days of Training

So, you want to do some training but have no idea where to get started? The key is to just do something!

I’ve put together a little 7 day training plan to help you out. If you find this too much, just pick a couple of days worth of the programs.

Any questions about exercises, Let me know!


Screenshot (2)

Gem’s 7 Day Training Program