HOW TO: Survive Easter

Hey Guys, Happy Almost Easter and school holidays for parents and teachers out there. So, it’s Easter!! That means one thing, and one thing only…. CHOCOLATE! In so many shapes and forms! You had better believe there will be chocolate for Breakfast Easter Sunday (Malteaser Bunnies are my standout fav right about now!)

Easter bunny.jpg

There are a few other things that make an appearance over Easter, Hot cross buns, alcohol and fish and chips are a few other indulgences that spring to mind. But how do we ENJOY, yes! I said you should ENJOY these! And not feel guilty or fall COMPLETELY off the wagon and not get back on the wagon until October when the ‘before summer stress out begins’ (we’ve ALL been there!)

WELL… Here are a few things D’Arc and I will be doing to stay on track **we will be filming these BTW (I bought a go-pro and thought I should put it to good use, by filming workouts and what we eat, even on holidays! Watch out for the jog we will be sure to film, I am SOOOO bad at running, my clients are going to love that footage) **

  • Probiotics! Ours have been purchased already (Thanks Priceline!) We even got our hands on the ones that do not require refrigeration.

o   WHY? We are flying up north to visit family. I don’t know about you guys, but I blow up like a balloon after being on a plane, my face gets puffy, I get bloated and retain so much water. Then on top of all that, not as healthy food and more alcohol than normal are consumed, leaving you more bloated. The probiotics help combat all these effects and keep your gut health on point.

  • Water!

o   WHY? Water will help flush out all those extra toxins you are taking in. It will keep you hydrated enough to (hopefully) not feel hungover. It will keep any binge eating to a minimum. Fun Fact! You eat MORE when you are dehydrated. So, ensure your water intake is high, so your chocolate intake isn’t as high.

  • Eat SOMETHING Nutritious Every day!

o   Your body still needs nutrients, it will be thankful for receiving SOMETHING green or vitamin dense at least once a day over the Easter break.

  • Move

o   Do something active every day, go for a quick walk, go for a swim, play a social game of volleyball. Keep your body moving so it’s not so hard to get back into training after the Easter Break. If you are with a big group of people, try and get everyone involved, so it’s social and you don’t feel like you are working out.

  • RELAX!

o   Use the time to unwind from the daily stresses of work and catch up on those few hours of sleep you don’t always get. You will go back to reality feeling recharged and fresh. I come back from holidays leaner, as I get more sleep and my stress levels drop. It’s amazing how much your body needs these things.


So, there are my tips be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram Pages for all our workouts, tips and updates for promotions and outdoor trainings. We are in the process of developing an online 28-day challenge and individualised training programs.

Happy Easter! X



Hi Guys, today I’m keeping it nice and simple. Check out these workouts you can do at home. Body weight works or you can add weight if you have access to them. Let me know how you go. I am looking to film some workouts very soon. Let me know what areas you are trying to tone up and I will try and incorporate some exercises into  the videos.

Have a great week 🙂 Click the link below to view the workouts.


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5 Ways to Relax and Feel Happier

Hi, I can’t believe it’s over halfway through February already! 2017 is flying by ALREADY!!!! This year, I have been really focusing on trying to be organised and stay relaxed this year, as I have had a lot higher anxiety levels than usual recently. I figure in a way it’s a good learning experience and a reminder of what many people are going through every. single. day.

The reason for feeling this way…. Who bloody knows!!! Which almost makes it more frustrating haha. I have been finding that although you can’t completely control that stress, anxiety or depression, there are definitely ways to feel a bit more in control.

#1 Have a plan for the week, SOMETIMES this can overwhelm me! But I try to make sure I have a list of things to do for the week (I usually make this list on a Sunday or Monday night). That way I have an outline of all the things I need to complete for the week and when I have completed the list I feel accomplished and that I have been productive in working towards my bigger goals for the year. (I always need reminding of my big yearly goals. They sometimes seem out of reach, but if those goals are broken down into smaller, achievable tasks. I feel I can achieve the goals)


#2 Stay away from Social Media! I find myself occasionally comparing myself to what other people are doing or achieving via social media and feeling bad about it. The reality is, most people don’t put the bad stuff on Facebook, we see the highlights reel. Remember your priorities, goals and situation is different to everyone else’s. We can’t compare our lives via Facebook.


#3 Say it with me…. BALANCE! Do you have a good life balance? If you spend too much time working, or don’t make time to see family and friends, or you don’t have time to exercise a few times a week because you prioritise other things. You may be lacking balance. Everyone has the same amount of hours in the week. How do you use them to achieve balance and get the most out of life!



#4 Sleep! If you do not get enough sleep, you will not deal with your day to day challenges as effectively. I notice if I have slept well, I can usually tackle most challenges I am thrown throughout my day. If I have had a later night than usual, the next day I feel sluggish and I can’t function as much.


#5 Meditation! You don’t have to go to a class to be able to meditate. Listening to an app before bed or before you get up in the morning is a great start. Taking a few deep breaths to calm yourself and gather your thoughts is another great idea. A yoga class is another great way to start. Try and remain mindful and grateful throughout the day. Remind yourself of things you are grateful for.

There we have 5 ways to  relax and feel happier! Comment below if you have other ways to chill out and relax. For more content, follow us on INSTA: Broadshorts_pt or FACEBOOK: Broadshorts Personal Training. Look forward to speaking to you soon!



Hey, So I decided this week, that I would post a workout. Haven’t posted one of these on the blog for a while so why not! The weather has not been ideal this week. So I am going to post a workout that you could do Indoors. Then there REALLY is no excuses.

I will incorporate 2 different levels. A beginner level and then a harder level 🙂

If you would like a program written specifically for you, fill in the form below for more information


-Push Ups x10

-Hip Extensions x2020160502_153339

Repeat 3 times

-Mountain Climbers x20

-Lunges x 20

Repeat 3 times

-Wall Sit 30 Seconds

-Air Punches x50

Repeat 3 times

-Plank 45 Seconds

Repeat 3 Times


-Push up Mountain Climbers x15

-Jump Squats x15

Repeat 3 times

-Push Up to Plank x8 each arm

-One legged Hip extensions x10 each Leg

Repeat 3 timesgroup-training

-Burpees x15

-Walking Lunges with a pulse x10 each leg

Repeat 3 times

-Side Plank x30 seconds each side

-Donkey Kicks x15 each leg

Repeat 3 times

Good Luck 🙂



How to not go Overboard over the Silly Season!

So it’s December, the Silly Season! Which means… More Social Events, More Food, More alcohol and less motivation and time for your health and fitness goals.
Whilst it’s important to be able to relax, have balance and indulge a little bit around this time of year, don’t go overboard and spend the first 3 months of 2017  trying to lose 4 weeks worth of fun!

I have put together 10 Tips/ Tricks on Surviving the Festive Season without gaining too much pudding


  1. Stay Hydrated! (I mean with water!!) Aim for 2-3 Litres of water a day, on top of your drink of choice
  2. Invest in Probiotics! Good for gut health and digestion, these babies will keep everything working; even if your fibre intake isn’t as good as usual.
  3. Do one or the other! Pick naughty food OR alcohol consumption for each event. Doing both at once is going to set you back twice as much.
  4. Try to keep moving! Even if it’s just a walk around the block. You don’t have to smash it at the gym, but just try to stay active so your body doesn’t completely lose the fitness you had before December.
  5. With some extra time up your sleave think about some new goals for the year. Maybe you could think about Introducing breakfast? Or Signing up for a fun run, to keep you training?
  6. Pick the bread basket OR dessert. Choosing one instead of both is going to keep things a little more balanced.
  7. Bring a fruit platter! Bringing a healthier option, is going to give you a better option to choose from at dessert. Also, I notice when I bring a fruit platter, there’s never leftovers!
  8. Mix your own alcohol! Save on calories by making drinks with low sugar cool drink instead of having premixed drinks.
  9. Decide on a day you are going to aim to get back on the wagon. Don’t take 3 months to get back into good food and working out.
  10. Most Importantly, Relax and Enjoy! Stress and lack of sleep is renowned for hindering health and fitness goals. Use your holidays to destress and catch up on Sleep!


If you have tips of your own, then please comment below or comment on our Latest Broadshorts Instagram Photo.

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Enjoy the Last week of November!


Image result for cellulite

Ah Cellulite, a lot of us ladies in particular, tend to struggle with this.

What is cellulite?  The definition is: persistent subcutaneous fat causing dimpling of the skin, especially on women’s hips and thighs.

If you google how to get rid of this… SO many different things come up! The most annoying part, even if you do all of those things, it could be genetic and hard to get rid of. You don’t even have to be overweight to have cellulite (annoying huh?!)

SO what ways have I found IMPROVE cellulite (mine is definitely not gone yet, but has improved) cellulite

-Walking! Increases circulation through your legs and encourages the fat stored in those cells around you legs and butt to keep moving.

-Lots of water! Flushes out the toxins in your body. Less toxins=less trapped fat cells.

-Interval Training! Burns fat fast! I found this really helped my legs. It’s not fun to do. But it works!

-Eating fresh healthy food instead of processed, toxic food. The less processed food you consume, the less toxins and fat your body will store.

-Jump Squats and Burpees! Along with interval training, they aren’t fun! But I tell you what, fat burning, high intensity, circulation through your lower body. It will get the job done

-Coffee Scrub! Scrubbing your legs and butt with a coffee scrub will definitely help with reducing cellulite.

-Fake Tan! Now while this doesn’t necessarily get rid of cellulite. It reduces the appearance of Cellulite. I swear by tanning 🙂

Now Like I said, all these suggestions might not completely get rid of the cellulite. But I have found that it definitely improves it. If you have any suggestions or methods that tou have tried. Comment below 🙂

Why Eating Less is NOT Going to Help You Lose More!

Hi Everyone, It is that time of the week again to see my Blog pop up on your news feed. This week, I want to talk about why-women in particular- focus on eating less or counting calories to lose fat and get healthier.


For starters! I find eating less, counting calories and cutting out food groups makes you want to focus on food more! Which leaves you wanting to eat bad food more!

Eating less slows down your metabolism! People think that its the 3 meals and 2 snacks that are making them put on weight. When its actually snacking on cake, chips, chocolate, juice, muesli bars and other high sugar, fatty snacks that is doing the damage.

fruit and veg

Eating 3 meals a day is great! But adding in a snack or two is key to speeding up that metabolism and helping you drop those Winter Kilos.

Counting calories is another mistake people trying to lose weight make. You get so fixated on numbers that you forget to just enjoy food! Also counting calories, doesn’t exactly allow you to listen to your body. What about those times where you have exerted more energy than usual, you’re starving, but you won’t eat any more food because your calorie count won’t allow it? It seems silly.

5 small meals

Then there’s the ‘I’m eating ridiculously clean until the weekend and then I’m going to binge out and eat and drink whatever I want.’ That is doing you no favours either. Indulge, yes! But don’t deprive yourself that much during the week, that you drop the ball, the WHOLE weekend. It is going to get you nowhere.


SO, if you are planning on embarking on a new food regime. Remember! You ARE NOT getting to that goal and then returning to your old habits. You are eating healthy as a LIFESTYLE change, so that you can feel good ALL THE TIME. You need to choose a SUSTAINABLE way of eating, you need to find it enjoyable, not restrictive or boring. Don’t slow your metabolism down, do not feel hungry all the time and pick nutritious food instead of sugary, fatty food.


Questions, Comments, Suggestions, Email: gemmabroadwood@gmail, Facebook: Broadshorts Personal Training or Instagram us @broadshorts_pt !



How I (attempt haha) to Handle Stress

Stress and Anxiety! It hits most people at some point of their life. Some suffer with this worse than others. Me for example…. I stress and worry about EVERYTHING! A lot of it is over stuff that doesn’t matter! Over the years of Studying, working and running my own Business I have found some ways to get my stress and Anxiety under Control!


#1 Light a Candle! I did this, the whole time I was doing my assignment recently for a course. They smell amazing and they are so calming!

#2 Try and keep your workspace/Room/ House Clean. My parents always tease me about my room being a mess. But what I have been finding recently, is that I clean my room and ensure it stays that way…… MOST OF THE TIME haha, I feel I can think clearer and I feel calmer when I walk in.

#3 Exercise! It is hard to find time to exercise every single day! I get that, Do I train every day? No. Do I ensure that I find time for myself to train or be active 3-4 times a week, Yes! It makes such a difference to my mindset, I feel happier and like I have achieved something for myself. I deal with other aspects of my life better if I have kept active throughout the week. I don’t get to the gym every training session. I enjoy being outside and getting out of the gym, so going for walks and bike rides outside are a great way for me to switch off.

#4 Balance! This is one I really find hard! I get it right sometimes, but other times I find it really hard to balance out work, family, partner, me time and friends. When I start to feel overwhelmed and focusing too much on work, I try and schedule in time the following week to catch up with family, do some form of exercise, prioritise a few things that need focusing on for work and JUST do those things that week. I end up feeling so much happier.

#5 Action Plan! I like to map out what I should be getting achieved each week. If I don’t have an action plan, I achieve nothing in my week. If I’ve managed my time effectively I work better and feel less stressed. I also try and get most of my jobs for work, such as admin, blogs and stuff done early in the week, while I’m still fresh and have more energy. That way I can relax more towards the end of the week and just train my clients.



#6 Prepare a few meals ahead. It saves you time on cooking, you have to waste less energy on trying to work out what you’re going to cook for dinner and you WILL make better food choices because when you get home and starving with no food prepared, you will eat chocolate, biscuits, takeaway, chips. I am the worst for this! If I have no dinner ready for when I get home. I eat EVERYTHING, then I feel horrible for not eating properly.

#7 Discuss what you’re stressed about with family, friends or your partner. Saying it out loud makes you work through it better. Usually when I do that I realise that whatever I’m worried about probably isn’t worth the energy I’m using to worry about it.

#8 Re-Visit your Goals! I like to re-visit my goals every now and then to remind myself WHY I’m working so hard or trying to squash in study, PT and Reception. If I can see my goals and remember that is why I’m working hard, it motivates me and reminds me that I’m slowly working towards achieving them. If I’m not getting closer to those goals, then it’s usually coz I have not used my time as wisely as I should have.

#9 Find a hobby that you enjoy doing! It’s a great way to ensure you actually do something other than work. I keep signing up for triathlons so I have no choice but to train! I also enjoy reading, it is nice to just relax and read a great book.

#10 Get lots of sleep! The better rested I am. The better I deal with stress and heavy workloads. If I’m tired. I find it much harder to stay calm and do the stuff I need to get done.


So there are my tips for trying to manage stress. I try to stick with these as much as I can, sometimes I do better than others. But I am constantly trying to work on that. I find if I’m doing all or most of these things, I handle everything life throws at me much better.

Eating Healthy On Holidays

Hi everyone! Long time, no post, I know! Things have been kind of hectic. But the good news is, the experiences have given me tons of things to write about. I was studying, which stressed me out HEAPS, but also taught me a lot. I’ve been reading up on some health and fitness stuff and have some exciting things coming up, so watch this space for things like our new Website, Info Packages, Group Sessions and Other cool promos! All will be coming VERY SOON! We also went travelling over east for a few days, which was great fun and very relaxing and refreshing, but I also felt super bloated and gross, over the first few days.


SO how did I combat feeling so gross and bloated????

-I drank LOTS OF WATER! I find the plane dehydrates me, a lot! So I ensured I had a massive drink bottle ready to go. It’s pretty difficult to get lots of water on the plane and it’s a long time to go, with only a small amount of water. Big water bottles are where it’s at!

-I also took a probiotic! Good gut health is super important! Regardless of if you are at home or away. I eat Greek Yoghurt at home and lots of green veggies. While on holidays, I find it tricky to eat yoghurt on the run, and the yoghurts available at cafes, aren’t usually the cleanest going around. So probiotics are a good option!

-I went for meals that didn’t involve chips! I only ate chips one time in 6 days. Considering we ate out at every meal, it was a good effort. We found a cool takeaway salad place in the shopping centre right near where we stayed. Quick, easy, healthy food made staying on track easier.

-Order the vegetarian Breakfast! Getting extra veggies in at any chance is a good idea wherever you are! The vegetarian breakfast usually comes with: mushrooms, tomato, avocado and spinach. All those veggies consumed at breakfast time is a great head start to your day! SIDENOTE: I’m NOT a Vegetarian, I love my steak!!!!! But I find this is a great option if you are trying to eat more veggies in your day.

-Don’t get too hungry!!!!! Keep snacks in your bag! If you aren’t starving by the time you’re ordering your next meal, chances are you won’t make any hasty, my eyes are too big for my belly menu decisions.


-Last but not least….. We drank green smoothies! I am not a massive smoothie drinker! Particularly when it’s the colour of Kermit the Frog! BUT!!!!! Coconut Water, Spinach, Pineapple, Mango and Chia Seeds are a winning combo, which de-bloated, re-hydrated and calmed my stomach! It even tasted nice (D’Arcy even consumed a green smoothie!) Word of warning!!! When ordering smoothies, be careful of the ones that contain juice and yoghurt or other ingredients that are deemed ‘healthy’ but can contain lots of added sugar!

SO there are my eating healthy travel tips. They actually worked! I came home feeling better than I have any other holiday before! Would love to hear any other suggestions! Remember watch this space for the next few weeks. We got some exciting stuff coming up!

Check us out on Instagram: Broadshorts_pt for workout ideas and my beef stir fry recipe!

How To Set Goals, And Introducing D’Arcy

Hi Guys! Today on the blog we are going to be talking about Mindset and Setting goals, also we will be talking to D’Arcy about Sports Specific Training and why you might need to do it.

So! What is mindset?

  • Mindsets are beliefs about yourself and your most basic qualities. Some people have very positive beliefs about themselves and some people can have quite negative beliefs.

Just because you feel negative at the moment, doesn’t mean that you need to stay negative forever! There are many techniques to help change your beliefs and attitudes about yourself.

First of all, you need to consider WHY you are feeling so negative

  • Are you looking after your health? I’m talking great food, exercise, meditation.
  •  Are you surrounded by the right kind of people? Do you have people in your life that are draining?
  • Are you striving towards goals that you have set? Have you set any goals recently? I mean ACTUALLY set achievable goals that you can work towards and remember why you do what you are doing every day? If you are just going through the motions with no real reason, no wonder you are unhappy!

There are so many reasons you could be feeling negatively. But there is also so many ways you can improve it! There are a couple of methods I really like to use when I’m feeling down. They are kind of linked and they sound a little lame, BUT! They work!!!!!!!

Okay so we are gunna break it down into steps. Go and Grab a pen and Paper RIGHT NOW!…….GO! DO IT!



Write down your goals in the relevant section. Your smaller goals, for example your end of the month goals should be a small step towards your end of the year goal.

After you have written down ACHIEVABLE goals, that you can absolutely achieve. Find yourself either a weekly planner, a diary or set up a piece of paper how I have below to get yourself an Action Plan for the week!

Screenshot (5).png


Write down exactly what you need to get done over the week. You can’t do everything all on one day. But if you aim to achieve a few things every day, you’ll be surprised what you get done. If I don’t have one of these on the go, I literally do NOTHING with my week, sending my stress levels sky high. Even if you aren’t a list person, it is good to have an outline of how you should be spending your time.

If you need more help with this. Comment, Email, Text, Visit! I love this stuff 🙂

AND NOW! We get to know D’Arcy (Yay!!)

D’arc is also a Trainer at Bailey Fitness and Specialises in Sports Specific and Strength Training!


Sports specific training is simply fitness training designed specifically for an athlete to get better in whichever sport they are playing. These programs include a whole range of different training methods such as strength, speed, power, endurance, mobility, flexibility, agility, mental preparation (including goal setting), sleep recovery, nutrition, rehabilitation and Injury prevention.


I have done and I am still doing a sports specific training programme for cricket, which is currently a strength phase with injury prevention and mobility training due to me being tight and needing to be a bit more flexible. The programme is a three-day programme which generally works the whole body during that time.


The results I have seen from sport specific training for myself have been a gain in strength, being less injury prone, thanks to doing an injury prevention and mobility programme. Being able to move faster while playing cricket in terms of fielding and running (I need to be able to run between wickets and to field the ball).


People should do sport specific training if they are wanting to become better in whatever sport play! Whether it be football, basketball, cricket, soccer or even volleyball.



This type of program is also great for building strength, toning and not putting on too much size (yes ladies, it could be handy for you too!)

For any questions on this type of training, or if you know anyone who is playing sport and needs to get stronger. Ask D’Arcy for more tips or info. Contact D’arcy (contact info is on our home page!)