Hi guys, 3 blogs in a row….. I’m so impressed with my efforts haha. This week I’m keeping it simple and giving you 5 tips on how to get the weight loss results you are after. Without Further ado, lets jump straight into it!


  • IS THE NUTRITIONAL PLAN YOU ARE PLANNING TO FOLLOW SUSTAINABLE? If you are cutting food groups, Hangry, feeling dizzy and have no energy it’s not worth it! Eat enough food
  • KEEP CARBS! I dunno how many times I need to say it, don’t cut carbs. If you cut them completely, your body will forget how to break them down and you will be carbless forever!
  • KEEP IT SIMPLE! Eat normal food. Forget the raw treat, dates with cacao and coconut oil , chia seed breakfast pudding 24/7 bullshit! Say it with me Oats! Eggs! Dinner leftovers! Curries! Keep it real. Social Media has confused the hell out of everyone just don’t eat too much processed crap and you should be fine.
  • PORTION SIZES! Don’t eat loads and don’t eat too little you should feel satisfied after meal times, but not really full.
  • CONSISTENCY! Your lifestyle changes only work if you keep doing them all the time. It doesn’t happen over night. Be patient!

Healthy Eating Hacks ✌

Hi again everyone, Jeez I’m getting good! 3 posts in about 3 weeks yesssss haha 🙌

Short and sweet chat today about some Healthy Eating Tips to help make your life easier and healthier (your welcome 😙)

#1 Lime or Lemon in warm water on an empty stomach. Great for digestion and de-bloating

#2 Smoothies! Fast, Tasty and Healthy! Coconut water, fruit (I use frozen fruit) and some Greek Yoghurt for Protein 👌

#3 Mince is so versatile and cheap. Stuffed capsisums, Pasta-less spag bowl, curry, the possibilities are endless guys!

#4 Roast Veggies, Taste amazing! Nutritious! More interesting than just having steamed veggies or lettuce all the time.

#5 Chines Takeaway Containers. Prep your food ahead of time so you are organized and ready. These bad boys can be frozen, microwaved and thrown out once you’ve finished.

What are your Healthy Eating Hacks? Comment Below. Until next time ✌ out 😙

Keeping It Simple!

*Rant Alert!* Okay guys, here it is, my rant for the day! Why do we decide to do crazy diets? We FIND crazy fad diets that eliminate ENTIRE FOODGROUPS and find recipes that take up loads of time, energy and use ingredients that cost the earth because they are ‘healthy’ but forget to just keep it simple and eat REAL food and not overthink things.


An example of this (I thank this client for giving me something to write about today, if you are reading this right now, you are the best xx)  is seeing a client for the first time in a while this morning and her telling me that she is trying to do paleo, no carbs and making clean treats to achieve her current goals. This is a great start! I’m so proud of her to be getting started on her health and fitness goals.


When I asked her what she was eating, she told me how she was making shakes, clean treats and doing all this fancy stuff and finding all these interesting recipes, but couldn’t sustain it. My first comment, why don’t you just try eating simple, normal food? What is wrong with yoghurt, fruit, porridge, eggs on toast, curries, BBQ meat and yummy salads?

We see so much stuff online and in the media these days that I think we get confused about what we can and can’t eat and whether we should eat raw, paleo, low carb, high fat, high protein, FODMAP (literally the list could go all day).


So here is my REAL TALK keep it simple tips to get, or stay on track  with food:

-Is how you are eating SUSTAINABLE? If you are miserable, hungry or hate the food you are currently eating. GET OFF THE DIET… NOW!

-Make sure you are eating enough. If you are eating any less than 12oo calories (even 1200 is too low) then your metabolism is going to slow down and not be able to breakdown any food you put in your body. Eat regularly! Especially breakfast! and find out how many calories you are eating in My Fitness Pal.

-It’s one thing to have a rough idea of how many calories you eat, so that you can work on eating more. But don’t count calories everyday. It will drive you crazy! Focus on eating GOOD food rather than the numbers in the food.

-MODERATION its a marvellous thing. Practice it!

-Carbs are NOT the bad guy! You need them, they make you happy and give you energy. You need to choose the right carbs and time them properly.

-Be honest with yourself! You KNOW you need to eat your veggies, drink water, choose good snacks, do some exercise. Working on improving these things and doing them consistently will get you those results you desire. Keep it simple, don’t over complicate food and you will be pleasantly surprised how easy it is to stay on track…. Most of the time 🙂


You DO make friends with Salad ✌😂
Made this on Friday night and I couldn't not share! -lettuce
-cherry tomatoes
-capsicum -olives
-red onion
-haloumi ❤❤❤ Tasted amazing with BBQ-ed meat! Then I had leftovers for breakky Saturday Morning. 
Remember eating healthy isn't hard.... or boring! You just need to be organised and have the options available. 
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-Lettuce Mix

-Cherry Tomatoes

-Red Onion


-Haloumi (pan fried in olive oil)


Pop it all onto a platter and serve with desired meat. I served with Rissoles 🙂





Hey guys, Happy New Year! Welcome back to the Broadshorts  Personal Training Blog. We have been a bit MIA recently, which we apologise for 😦 life happened, we’ve been in Tasmania, Christmas and New Year was going on. It was just full on and I kinda felt like I needed a bit of a break from working to come back this year refreshed 🙂

So TODAY I started back into normal food and routine, which is a really good thing, as I was starting to feel a bit bloated.

To kick start me back into routine, I decided to prepare some chicken meatballs and some greens (I’ve been missing greens haha) for dinner and breakfasts for the next two or three days.

I also bought some rice crackers to have with vegemite and a slice of cheese (Split amongst 4 crackers 🙂 )

Another snack I bought was some Greek Yoghurt. It’s great protein, Great for your gut health (probiotics) and I find it quite sweet, so I don’t crave as much naughty food.

Last but not least I have been having smoothies for lunch recently. I love smoothies! But I do think you need to make sure you are doing smoothies smart! If you are looking for FAT LOSS or WEIGHTLOSS. You should ensure you stick to having smoothies Post workout and watch how much fruit you put in there.


Why do I say this? SO many people come in and tell me how much fruit they put in their smoothies (and think they’re doing a good thing) but 2 to 3+ fruits in a smoothie then having other fruit as snacks during the day, may be too much sugar for your body every single day!

What do I suggest? I only have one piece of fruit usually each day. At the moment, that is in a smoothie.

I have been using coconut water, Happy Way Protein Powder and Frozen Berries for my smoothies recently. It tastes amazing, keeps me full and is timed generally after a workout.

smoothie #2.png

You don’t HAVE to have protein powders. But I use a protein powder now, as I was struggling to snack regularly during the day and the protein powder helped me add in the extra snack. I ensured I used a natural powder, with no nasties in it. There are a few like this on the market. It is probably best for you to do your own research and decide whether you want to use these or not.

If I didn’t struggle to snack in the afternoons, I would eat REAL food 🙂


So remember, when making smoothies for weight loss:

-1-2 pieces of fruit (TOTAL)

-Use water or coconut water

-If you are not using protein powder, use a few spoonfuls of Greek Yoghurt to give you some more protein in there 🙂

-You can add in oats (sparingly) or some chia seeds.

-Keep it simple 🙂

Okay, that’s it from me today! Any smoothie suggestions, let me know in comments below.

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Peace out Peeps XO







Why Eating Less is NOT Going to Help You Lose More!

Hi Everyone, It is that time of the week again to see my Blog pop up on your news feed. This week, I want to talk about why-women in particular- focus on eating less or counting calories to lose fat and get healthier.


For starters! I find eating less, counting calories and cutting out food groups makes you want to focus on food more! Which leaves you wanting to eat bad food more!

Eating less slows down your metabolism! People think that its the 3 meals and 2 snacks that are making them put on weight. When its actually snacking on cake, chips, chocolate, juice, muesli bars and other high sugar, fatty snacks that is doing the damage.

fruit and veg

Eating 3 meals a day is great! But adding in a snack or two is key to speeding up that metabolism and helping you drop those Winter Kilos.

Counting calories is another mistake people trying to lose weight make. You get so fixated on numbers that you forget to just enjoy food! Also counting calories, doesn’t exactly allow you to listen to your body. What about those times where you have exerted more energy than usual, you’re starving, but you won’t eat any more food because your calorie count won’t allow it? It seems silly.

5 small meals

Then there’s the ‘I’m eating ridiculously clean until the weekend and then I’m going to binge out and eat and drink whatever I want.’ That is doing you no favours either. Indulge, yes! But don’t deprive yourself that much during the week, that you drop the ball, the WHOLE weekend. It is going to get you nowhere.


SO, if you are planning on embarking on a new food regime. Remember! You ARE NOT getting to that goal and then returning to your old habits. You are eating healthy as a LIFESTYLE change, so that you can feel good ALL THE TIME. You need to choose a SUSTAINABLE way of eating, you need to find it enjoyable, not restrictive or boring. Don’t slow your metabolism down, do not feel hungry all the time and pick nutritious food instead of sugary, fatty food.


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WEEK of Training and FOOD


This is a week of insight into my food and training regime. ** Disclaimer** This is relevant to MY goals and worked for me and MY lifestyle. It doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you. But it’s handy to be able to what works for different people



The type of training I do at the moment is mostly cardio, light weight training- focusing on my legs and butt (my problem areas ha-ha), abs and arms, and some high intensity interval training. My goals are mostly weight loss, toning and increasing my fitness levels for upcoming mini triathlons I am planning on completing.

MONDAY: 8 Km Bike ride


-Burpees: 15

-Skipping:50 Skips

-Mountain Climbers: 30

-Step Ups: 15 per leg

-Push Ups: 20

-300m Cardio Sprint

Repeat 4x

30 min walk

WEDNESDAY: Swimming 30 Laps Pool


-Walking Lunges 3×12

-Chest Press 3×12

-Squats 3×12

-Lat Pulldown 3×12

-Kettlebell Deadlifts 3×12


Push up, Mountain Climbers x10

Plank and row x8 per arm

Hip Extensions x20

Single Leg Hip Extensions x10 per leg



3.5km Run (or walk and run)


SATURDAY: WALK 45 minutes


Now if doing all of those workouts don’t fit into 6 days of your week, spread them out over a longer period of time and do walks in between (the weather is warmer so walking outside is AMAZING!)

Also! If I could, I would slot in a body balance or yoga class into my week (unfortunately I work when most of those classes are on)


I’m going to do a typical day during the week (my weekly food doesn’t change too much) and then one on the weekend.



Breakfast: Meat and Veg or eggs (As seen in picture!)

Snack #1: Protein Shake! I use the Happy Way Protein shake, has 8 ingredients-no crap in there. It’s high protein, low carb, sugar, fat! Definite win!

Lunch: Chobani Greek Yoghurt, Frozen Fruit (I usually go between Mango or Berries), Sprinkle of Oats.

Snack #2: 4x Rice cakes, Peanut Butter and Drizzle of Honey

Dinner: Chicken and Kale Coleslaw (You get Kale coleslaw from Coles, track it down, buy it, literally you open the packet and you’re good to go!)

My general rule is don’t cut out carbs, but eat the right ones! And I stay away from them at dinner time and keep my protein pretty high and my fats reasonably low.



On Sundays we usually go out for breakky. I’ll run you through what I had yesterday.

I usually choose Scrambled eggs on toast and always add on mushrooms, tomato and Avocado, if they have it. And my go to coffee is a Cappuccino (I don’t drink coffee with milk in it during the week- I prefer to have dairy in the form of yoghurt or cheese throughout the week)

Snack: We were in Scarborough so I went to one of the cafes and grabbed a green smoothie. SO refreshing!

Lunch: I had ham and cheese on crackers for lunch and some dried fruit.

Snack: Fruit

Dinner: BBQ at my parents’ house. I kept to mostly meat and salad. But I DID have a piece of Bread coz I left my bread at breakky time. Balance!!!

After dinner I ate some chocolate and biscuits. I like to be a bit more lenient on the weekends but I also try and keep it balanced, so that I don’t go overboard.




Don’t DIET!

Hi again, welcome to the 10 weeks before Christmas rush to look fabulous. (I’m doing a slight freak out too!) summer clothes shopping EEEK! It will all be okay though 🙂

I have been talking to a lot of women in the gym the last week and a half and have noticed a really disturbing pattern. SO many of us jump on a strict diet or clean eating regime around this time of year, but what surprises me is that many of these diets have a lack of balance and everyone seems so miserable about eating this way.


SO why are we doing it?


Well, I guess we have all just been told that this is how we have to eat and train to get any results. Let’s cut all the carbs, eat no calories, feel miserable and hungry and train 6 times a week.

I also thought you had to do all these things. But I have found a more balanced, sustainable approach.

I used to get so caught up in all the different ways that you could train and eat. I used to do NO cardio because a few other people I used to work with told me I just needed to lift weights and I’d be fine (which actually does work for some women-usually those who are tall and find it hard to put on fat and muscle). It didn’t really work that well for me. I would get SO HUNGRY and I would eat so much food and I would undo the hard work I had put in because I had eaten so much!


I cut all carbs for a while and just ate meat and green vegetables, 5 meals a day. My goodness! It was so boring! I did not look forward to eating my meals and by the end of the week. I literally ate anything and everything due to having a lack of balance.


Another thing I find interesting, is speaking to mum’s who have this idea in their head that they need to train and eat how they did before kids. It’s so unrealistic! After kids, your body changes, your routine changes, your priorities change. Expecting to go back to how you were eating and training pre children is usually an unrealistic goal. The results you are after can still be achieved if the food you are eating is balanced and you are training 3 times a week.


So what do I do now?

–          I train about 3 times a week! I aim to do one Weights session, one High Intensity Session and one cardio session (a run, a bike ride, swimming, group fitness class)

–          I also try and get a couple of walks in throughout the week. They are relaxing, burn calories and make you feel good. Honestly! Get amongst it!

–          I don’t cut carbs or feel guilty about food anymore. I eat fruit, Oats and rice crackers on a daily basis!  If I go out for breakfast, I’ll eat some bread! It’s about balancing things out. If I’ve had bread for breakky, I might not have oats at lunch time. Another example, I was out for dinner last Tuesday and knew that I had a weekend full of social occasions with lots of yummy food. As much as I wanted a meal with chips or a pizza on Tuesday night, I opted for the beef salad, so that I could enjoy myself on the weekend.


Any questions, comments or queries, feel free to email me or leave them here. I will get back to you as soon as I can

What is in My shopping Basket?

What food should you buy to eat healthy but not boring? Read this to find out! I have spent the last few months food prepping great food and both D’Arcy and I have become leaner. But not once have we eaten plain chicken breast and broccoli (not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it can get boring if that’s the only thing you eat all the time)

Grocery Shopping and buying the right foods for the week is vital to keep me on track and consistent for achieving my health and fitness goals. The following foods are the foods that are regularly purchased for the week:


-Lean Beef Mince

-Crumbed Chicken or Chicken Breast

-Lean Steak


-Red Onion

-Brown onion

-Cherry Tomatoes




-Sweet Potato



-Kale Coleslaw mix

-Mixed frozen veggies (they keep for AGES! And are the cheaper option usually)



-Frozen Mixed Berries




-Chobani Greek Yoghurt

-Grated Cheese


-Rolled Oats

-Rice crackers


-Peppermint Tea

-Instant coffee

-Minced Garlic

-Canned Tomatoes

-Curry Powder

-Taco Mix

-Unsalted Nuts

-Peanut Butter

These are the foods that find themselves in my shopping basket most of the time. Of course occasionally there’s some chocolate because let’s face it, life without chocolate is horrible. But 80% healthy 20% chocolate is where it’s at.

Meal Ideas and Snack Ideas Using the Shopping List:

  • Porridge, With Fruit, Greek Yoghurt and Nuts


  • 2x Rice Cakes with small amount Peanut Butter and a Drizzle of Honey (Snack)


  • Curried Mince/Veg

Cook Mince with Onion (chopped finely) with a teaspoon of both garlic and curry powder

Once meat and onion are browned add in a packet of frozen veggies and a tin of tomatoes and some water. Once the liquid has been simmered down and the veggies are cooked through, take pan off the heat and put in a container to cool.

  • Taco Mince and Salad: Spinach, Cherry Tomatoes, Red Onion, Capsicum, Roast Pumpkin & Sprinkle of Grated Cheese (Featured Image)


  • Chicken and Kale Slaw: Cook chicken either Pan Fry or roast in the oven, I usually chop into Pieces on top of salad


  • Chicken Stir-fry: Dice chicken up and cook in a fry pan with garlic and curry powder, cook chicken until browned,  add in your choice of chopped up veggies. I usually add in some soy sauce and prepare a small amount of rice noodles to mix through. Top with nuts.


  • Greek Yoghurt, Fruit and Oats Sprinkled on top


  • Smoothie: ½ Banana, Frozen Berries (1/2 Cup), Handful Spinach, Greek Yoghurt (Couple of dollops), Water (Depending on desired thickness)


  • Steak, Cauliflower, Broccoli and Sweet Mashed Potato


  • Sheppard’s Pie Make Curry as mentioned above, put in a baking tray, top with sweet mashed potato, sprinkle cheese on top, cook on 200 Degrees until cheese is melted


  • Piece of fruit (snack)


  • Handful of nuts (Snack)



What supplements should I take? A question that I get asked so often, and to be honest, it drives me crazy! I’ll be honest, I went through a phase where my training and nutrition was shit and I purchased supplements like fat burners and protein shakes, because I thought I would get my results quicker. The outcome, no results because I still had didn’t have my training and nutrition down pat!

fruit and veg

It took a while to learn (and everyone around you can give you the tools, but unless YOU use them, they don’t work!) but I couldn’t rely on taking fat burners and protein shakes or whatever because I wasn’t CONSISTENT in what I was eating or how I was training. I would crash diet, for only a week at a time and get frustrated that ‘nothing worked’ and then go on a food bender for a few days, until I felt horrible and would go on a crazy strict diet again. That cycle went on for years! I felt horrible, my weight was not where I wanted it to be and I was cranky and frustrated!

Eventually, through more experience and doing nutrition courses and stuff, I learnt that small changes needed to occur, I needed to make those changes HABITS and see this whole eating healthy thing as an actual lifestyle and not just a short term 8, 10, 12 week challenges that would be over and see me being strict and looking forward to the end of the challenge to just eat everything.

So back to the initial question, what supplements should I take? My answer, for normal, everyday people who train 3-5 times a week and eat a balanced diet, NONE! If you are only eating 3 meals a day and only 1 meal of those contains veggies…… Up it to 5 small meals a day, eat more veggies, meat and fruit and get your nutrients from REAL FOOD! Why would you want to put stuff made in a factory artificially instead of getting your nutrients from actual food? I have heard people say before ‘oh I can’t eat this fruit or veg because of the sugar contents so I’ll just have this tablet that has those same nutrients in it!’ It just makes no sense!


Occasionally supplements can be a good thing, you might be low in certain vitamins and your body doesn’t absorb nutrients the way it should. Or you need extra Vitamin C in Winter time, or you can’t stomach breakfast so a protein shake in the morning is better than nothing. Elite Athletes take supplements because they train 5 million hours a week and could not possibly replenish themselves by just eating food alone.

For normal everyday people, who are thinking about spending hundreds of dollars (they often cost lots of money) on supplements. Keep a food diary for a day (be honest about what you actually eat!) and work out whether you could substitute your muesli bar or piece of cake as a snack to some fruit or veggie sticks with some chobani dip (they have amazing flavours and they’re high protein), Greek Yoghurt or some tuna and salad with some crackers. Do that, and I can guarantee you will feel better, start dropping fat and save a lot of money in the process.


RissolesBeetroot coleslawSPinach

Yesterday in Coles I found Turkey Rissoles- Yes they aren’t COMPLETELY ‘clean’ But they are quick and easy and pretty good compared to some of the other stuff out there.

I bought some spinach in a bag, also a bag of coleslaw. Mix a bit of both of those together SMALL AMOUNT of mayo, 2 Rissoles broken up over the top. Food is ready! Fast, Easy, Effective. Love it!

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Have a great week!