Hi guys, 3 blogs in a row….. I’m so impressed with my efforts haha. This week I’m keeping it simple and giving you 5 tips on how to get the weight loss results you are after. Without Further ado, lets jump straight into it!


  • IS THE NUTRITIONAL PLAN YOU ARE PLANNING TO FOLLOW SUSTAINABLE? If you are cutting food groups, Hangry, feeling dizzy and have no energy it’s not worth it! Eat enough food
  • KEEP CARBS! I dunno how many times I need to say it, don’t cut carbs. If you cut them completely, your body will forget how to break them down and you will be carbless forever!
  • KEEP IT SIMPLE! Eat normal food. Forget the raw treat, dates with cacao and coconut oil , chia seed breakfast pudding 24/7 bullshit! Say it with me Oats! Eggs! Dinner leftovers! Curries! Keep it real. Social Media has confused the hell out of everyone just don’t eat too much processed crap and you should be fine.
  • PORTION SIZES! Don’t eat loads and don’t eat too little you should feel satisfied after meal times, but not really full.
  • CONSISTENCY! Your lifestyle changes only work if you keep doing them all the time. It doesn’t happen over night. Be patient!

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