HOW TO: Survive Easter

Hey Guys, Happy Almost Easter and school holidays for parents and teachers out there. So, it’s Easter!! That means one thing, and one thing only…. CHOCOLATE! In so many shapes and forms! You had better believe there will be chocolate for Breakfast Easter Sunday (Malteaser Bunnies are my standout fav right about now!)

Easter bunny.jpg

There are a few other things that make an appearance over Easter, Hot cross buns, alcohol and fish and chips are a few other indulgences that spring to mind. But how do we ENJOY, yes! I said you should ENJOY these! And not feel guilty or fall COMPLETELY off the wagon and not get back on the wagon until October when the ‘before summer stress out begins’ (we’ve ALL been there!)

WELL… Here are a few things D’Arc and I will be doing to stay on track **we will be filming these BTW (I bought a go-pro and thought I should put it to good use, by filming workouts and what we eat, even on holidays! Watch out for the jog we will be sure to film, I am SOOOO bad at running, my clients are going to love that footage) **

  • Probiotics! Ours have been purchased already (Thanks Priceline!) We even got our hands on the ones that do not require refrigeration.

o   WHY? We are flying up north to visit family. I don’t know about you guys, but I blow up like a balloon after being on a plane, my face gets puffy, I get bloated and retain so much water. Then on top of all that, not as healthy food and more alcohol than normal are consumed, leaving you more bloated. The probiotics help combat all these effects and keep your gut health on point.

  • Water!

o   WHY? Water will help flush out all those extra toxins you are taking in. It will keep you hydrated enough to (hopefully) not feel hungover. It will keep any binge eating to a minimum. Fun Fact! You eat MORE when you are dehydrated. So, ensure your water intake is high, so your chocolate intake isn’t as high.

  • Eat SOMETHING Nutritious Every day!

o   Your body still needs nutrients, it will be thankful for receiving SOMETHING green or vitamin dense at least once a day over the Easter break.

  • Move

o   Do something active every day, go for a quick walk, go for a swim, play a social game of volleyball. Keep your body moving so it’s not so hard to get back into training after the Easter Break. If you are with a big group of people, try and get everyone involved, so it’s social and you don’t feel like you are working out.

  • RELAX!

o   Use the time to unwind from the daily stresses of work and catch up on those few hours of sleep you don’t always get. You will go back to reality feeling recharged and fresh. I come back from holidays leaner, as I get more sleep and my stress levels drop. It’s amazing how much your body needs these things.


So, there are my tips be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram Pages for all our workouts, tips and updates for promotions and outdoor trainings. We are in the process of developing an online 28-day challenge and individualised training programs.

Happy Easter! X


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