Healthy Eating Hacks ✌

Hi again everyone, Jeez I’m getting good! 3 posts in about 3 weeks yesssss haha 🙌

Short and sweet chat today about some Healthy Eating Tips to help make your life easier and healthier (your welcome 😙)

#1 Lime or Lemon in warm water on an empty stomach. Great for digestion and de-bloating

#2 Smoothies! Fast, Tasty and Healthy! Coconut water, fruit (I use frozen fruit) and some Greek Yoghurt for Protein 👌

#3 Mince is so versatile and cheap. Stuffed capsisums, Pasta-less spag bowl, curry, the possibilities are endless guys!

#4 Roast Veggies, Taste amazing! Nutritious! More interesting than just having steamed veggies or lettuce all the time.

#5 Chines Takeaway Containers. Prep your food ahead of time so you are organized and ready. These bad boys can be frozen, microwaved and thrown out once you’ve finished.

What are your Healthy Eating Hacks? Comment Below. Until next time ✌ out 😙


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