5 Ways to Relax and Feel Happier

Hi, I can’t believe it’s over halfway through February already! 2017 is flying by ALREADY!!!! This year,Β I have been really focusing on trying to be organised and stay relaxed this year, as I have had a lot higher anxiety levels than usual recently. I figure in a way it’s a good learning experience and a reminder of what many people are going through every. single. day.

The reason for feeling this way…. Who bloody knows!!! Which almost makes it more frustrating haha. I have been finding that although you can’t completely control that stress, anxiety or depression, there are definitely ways to feel a bit more in control.

#1 Have a plan for the week, SOMETIMES this can overwhelm me! But I try to make sure I have a list of things to do for the week (I usually make this list on a Sunday or Monday night). That way I have an outline of all the things I need to complete for the week and when I have completed the list I feel accomplished and that I have been productive in working towards my bigger goals for the year. (I always need reminding of my big yearly goals. They sometimes seem out of reach, but if those goals are broken down into smaller, achievable tasks. I feel I can achieve the goals)


#2 Stay away from Social Media! I find myself occasionally comparing myself to what other people are doing or achieving via social media and feeling bad about it. The reality is, most people don’t put the bad stuff on Facebook, we see the highlights reel. Remember your priorities, goals and situation is different to everyone else’s. We can’t compare our lives via Facebook.


#3 Say it with me…. BALANCE! Do you have a good life balance? If you spend too much time working, or don’t make time to see family and friends, or you don’t have time to exercise a few times a week because you prioritise other things. You may be lacking balance. Everyone has the same amount of hours in the week. How do you use them to achieve balance and get the most out of life!



#4 Sleep! If you do not get enough sleep, you will not deal with your day to day challenges as effectively. I notice if I have slept well, I can usually tackle most challenges I am thrown throughout my day. If I have had a later night than usual, the next day I feel sluggish and I can’t function as much.


#5 Meditation! You don’t have to go to a class to be able to meditate. Listening to an app before bed or before you get up in the morning is a great start. Taking a few deep breaths to calm yourself and gather your thoughts is another great idea. A yoga class is another great way to start. Try and remain mindful and grateful throughout the day. Remind yourself of things you are grateful for.

There we have 5 ways toΒ  relax and feel happier! Comment below if you have other ways to chill out and relax. For more content, follow us on INSTA: Broadshorts_pt or FACEBOOK: Broadshorts Personal Training. Look forward to speaking to you soon!




Hey, So I decided this week, that I would post a workout. Haven’t posted one of these on the blog for a while so why not! The weather has not been ideal this week. So I am going to post a workout that you could do Indoors. Then there REALLY is no excuses.

I will incorporate 2 different levels. A beginner level and then a harder level πŸ™‚

If you would like a program written specifically for you, fill in the form below for more information


-Push Ups x10

-Hip Extensions x2020160502_153339

Repeat 3 times

-Mountain Climbers x20

-Lunges x 20

Repeat 3 times

-Wall Sit 30 Seconds

-Air Punches x50

Repeat 3 times

-Plank 45 Seconds

Repeat 3 Times


-Push up Mountain Climbers x15

-Jump Squats x15

Repeat 3 times

-Push Up to Plank x8 each arm

-One legged Hip extensions x10 each Leg

Repeat 3 timesgroup-training

-Burpees x15

-Walking Lunges with a pulse x10 each leg

Repeat 3 times

-Side Plank x30 seconds each side

-Donkey Kicks x15 each leg

Repeat 3 times

Good Luck πŸ™‚



Healthy Eating Hacks βœŒ

Hi again everyone, Jeez I’m getting good! 3 posts in about 3 weeks yesssss haha πŸ™Œ

Short and sweet chat today about some Healthy Eating Tips to help make your life easier and healthier (your welcome πŸ˜™)

#1 Lime or Lemon in warm water on an empty stomach. Great for digestion and de-bloating

#2 Smoothies! Fast, Tasty and Healthy! Coconut water, fruit (I use frozen fruit) and some Greek Yoghurt for Protein πŸ‘Œ

#3 Mince is so versatile and cheap. Stuffed capsisums, Pasta-less spag bowl, curry, the possibilities are endless guys!

#4 Roast Veggies, Taste amazing! Nutritious! More interesting than just having steamed veggies or lettuce all the time.

#5 Chines Takeaway Containers. Prep your food ahead of time so you are organized and ready. These bad boys can be frozen, microwaved and thrown out once you’ve finished.

What are your Healthy Eating Hacks? Comment Below. Until next time ✌ out πŸ˜™