Keeping It Simple!

*Rant Alert!* Okay guys, here it is, my rant for the day! Why do we decide to do crazy diets? We FIND crazy fad diets that eliminate ENTIRE FOODGROUPS and find recipes that take up loads of time, energy and use ingredients that cost the earth because they are ‘healthy’ but forget to just keep it simple and eat REAL food and not overthink things.


An example of this (I thank this client for giving me something to write about today, if you are reading this right now, you are the best xx)  is seeing a client for the first time in a while this morning and her telling me that she is trying to do paleo, no carbs and making clean treats to achieve her current goals. This is a great start! I’m so proud of her to be getting started on her health and fitness goals.


When I asked her what she was eating, she told me how she was making shakes, clean treats and doing all this fancy stuff and finding all these interesting recipes, but couldn’t sustain it. My first comment, why don’t you just try eating simple, normal food? What is wrong with yoghurt, fruit, porridge, eggs on toast, curries, BBQ meat and yummy salads?

We see so much stuff online and in the media these days that I think we get confused about what we can and can’t eat and whether we should eat raw, paleo, low carb, high fat, high protein, FODMAP (literally the list could go all day).


So here is my REAL TALK keep it simple tips to get, or stay on track  with food:

-Is how you are eating SUSTAINABLE? If you are miserable, hungry or hate the food you are currently eating. GET OFF THE DIET… NOW!

-Make sure you are eating enough. If you are eating any less than 12oo calories (even 1200 is too low) then your metabolism is going to slow down and not be able to breakdown any food you put in your body. Eat regularly! Especially breakfast! and find out how many calories you are eating in My Fitness Pal.

-It’s one thing to have a rough idea of how many calories you eat, so that you can work on eating more. But don’t count calories everyday. It will drive you crazy! Focus on eating GOOD food rather than the numbers in the food.

-MODERATION its a marvellous thing. Practice it!

-Carbs are NOT the bad guy! You need them, they make you happy and give you energy. You need to choose the right carbs and time them properly.

-Be honest with yourself! You KNOW you need to eat your veggies, drink water, choose good snacks, do some exercise. Working on improving these things and doing them consistently will get you those results you desire. Keep it simple, don’t over complicate food and you will be pleasantly surprised how easy it is to stay on track…. Most of the time 🙂


You DO make friends with Salad ✌😂
Made this on Friday night and I couldn't not share! -lettuce
-cherry tomatoes
-capsicum -olives
-red onion
-haloumi ❤❤❤ Tasted amazing with BBQ-ed meat! Then I had leftovers for breakky Saturday Morning. 
Remember eating healthy isn't hard.... or boring! You just need to be organised and have the options available. 
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-Lettuce Mix

-Cherry Tomatoes

-Red Onion


-Haloumi (pan fried in olive oil)


Pop it all onto a platter and serve with desired meat. I served with Rissoles 🙂






Hey guys, Happy New Year! Welcome back to the Broadshorts  Personal Training Blog. We have been a bit MIA recently, which we apologise for 😦 life happened, we’ve been in Tasmania, Christmas and New Year was going on. It was just full on and I kinda felt like I needed a bit of a break from working to come back this year refreshed 🙂

So TODAY I started back into normal food and routine, which is a really good thing, as I was starting to feel a bit bloated.

To kick start me back into routine, I decided to prepare some chicken meatballs and some greens (I’ve been missing greens haha) for dinner and breakfasts for the next two or three days.

I also bought some rice crackers to have with vegemite and a slice of cheese (Split amongst 4 crackers 🙂 )

Another snack I bought was some Greek Yoghurt. It’s great protein, Great for your gut health (probiotics) and I find it quite sweet, so I don’t crave as much naughty food.

Last but not least I have been having smoothies for lunch recently. I love smoothies! But I do think you need to make sure you are doing smoothies smart! If you are looking for FAT LOSS or WEIGHTLOSS. You should ensure you stick to having smoothies Post workout and watch how much fruit you put in there.


Why do I say this? SO many people come in and tell me how much fruit they put in their smoothies (and think they’re doing a good thing) but 2 to 3+ fruits in a smoothie then having other fruit as snacks during the day, may be too much sugar for your body every single day!

What do I suggest? I only have one piece of fruit usually each day. At the moment, that is in a smoothie.

I have been using coconut water, Happy Way Protein Powder and Frozen Berries for my smoothies recently. It tastes amazing, keeps me full and is timed generally after a workout.

smoothie #2.png

You don’t HAVE to have protein powders. But I use a protein powder now, as I was struggling to snack regularly during the day and the protein powder helped me add in the extra snack. I ensured I used a natural powder, with no nasties in it. There are a few like this on the market. It is probably best for you to do your own research and decide whether you want to use these or not.

If I didn’t struggle to snack in the afternoons, I would eat REAL food 🙂


So remember, when making smoothies for weight loss:

-1-2 pieces of fruit (TOTAL)

-Use water or coconut water

-If you are not using protein powder, use a few spoonfuls of Greek Yoghurt to give you some more protein in there 🙂

-You can add in oats (sparingly) or some chia seeds.

-Keep it simple 🙂

Okay, that’s it from me today! Any smoothie suggestions, let me know in comments below.

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Peace out Peeps XO