Why Eating Less is NOT Going to Help You Lose More!

Hi Everyone, It is that time of the week again to see my Blog pop up on your news feed. This week, I want to talk about why-women in particular- focus on eating less or counting calories to lose fat and get healthier.


For starters! I find eating less, counting calories and cutting out food groups makes you want to focus on food more! Which leaves you wanting to eat bad food more!

Eating less slows down your metabolism! People think that its the 3 meals and 2 snacks that are making them put on weight. When its actually snacking on cake, chips, chocolate, juice, muesli bars and other high sugar, fatty snacks that is doing the damage.

fruit and veg

Eating 3 meals a day is great! But adding in a snack or two is key to speeding up that metabolism and helping you drop those Winter Kilos.

Counting calories is another mistake people trying to lose weight make. You get so fixated on numbers that you forget to just enjoy food! Also counting calories, doesn’t exactly allow you to listen to your body. What about those times where you have exerted more energy than usual, you’re starving, but you won’t eat any more food because your calorie count won’t allow it? It seems silly.

5 small meals

Then there’s the ‘I’m eating ridiculously clean until the weekend and then I’m going to binge out and eat and drink whatever I want.’ That is doing you no favours either. Indulge, yes! But don’t deprive yourself that much during the week, that you drop the ball, the WHOLE weekend. It is going to get you nowhere.


SO, if you are planning on embarking on a new food regime. Remember! You ARE NOT getting to that goal and then returning to your old habits. You are eating healthy as a LIFESTYLE change, so that you can feel good ALL THE TIME. You need to choose a SUSTAINABLE way of eating, you need to find it enjoyable, not restrictive or boring. Don’t slow your metabolism down, do not feel hungry all the time and pick nutritious food instead of sugary, fatty food.


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