WEEK of Training and FOOD


This is a week of insight into my food and training regime. ** Disclaimer** This is relevant to MY goals and worked for me and MY lifestyle. It doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you. But it’s handy to be able to what works for different people



The type of training I do at the moment is mostly cardio, light weight training- focusing on my legs and butt (my problem areas ha-ha), abs and arms, and some high intensity interval training. My goals are mostly weight loss, toning and increasing my fitness levels for upcoming mini triathlons I am planning on completing.

MONDAY: 8 Km Bike ride


-Burpees: 15

-Skipping:50 Skips

-Mountain Climbers: 30

-Step Ups: 15 per leg

-Push Ups: 20

-300m Cardio Sprint

Repeat 4x

30 min walk

WEDNESDAY: Swimming 30 Laps Pool


-Walking Lunges 3×12

-Chest Press 3×12

-Squats 3×12

-Lat Pulldown 3×12

-Kettlebell Deadlifts 3×12


Push up, Mountain Climbers x10

Plank and row x8 per arm

Hip Extensions x20

Single Leg Hip Extensions x10 per leg



3.5km Run (or walk and run)


SATURDAY: WALK 45 minutes


Now if doing all of those workouts don’t fit into 6 days of your week, spread them out over a longer period of time and do walks in between (the weather is warmer so walking outside is AMAZING!)

Also! If I could, I would slot in a body balance or yoga class into my week (unfortunately I work when most of those classes are on)


I’m going to do a typical day during the week (my weekly food doesn’t change too much) and then one on the weekend.



Breakfast: Meat and Veg or eggs (As seen in picture!)

Snack #1: Protein Shake! I use the Happy Way Protein shake, has 8 ingredients-no crap in there. It’s high protein, low carb, sugar, fat! Definite win!

Lunch: Chobani Greek Yoghurt, Frozen Fruit (I usually go between Mango or Berries), Sprinkle of Oats.

Snack #2: 4x Rice cakes, Peanut Butter and Drizzle of Honey

Dinner: Chicken and Kale Coleslaw (You get Kale coleslaw from Coles, track it down, buy it, literally you open the packet and you’re good to go!)

My general rule is don’t cut out carbs, but eat the right ones! And I stay away from them at dinner time and keep my protein pretty high and my fats reasonably low.



On Sundays we usually go out for breakky. I’ll run you through what I had yesterday.

I usually choose Scrambled eggs on toast and always add on mushrooms, tomato and Avocado, if they have it. And my go to coffee is a Cappuccino (I don’t drink coffee with milk in it during the week- I prefer to have dairy in the form of yoghurt or cheese throughout the week)

Snack: We were in Scarborough so I went to one of the cafes and grabbed a green smoothie. SO refreshing!

Lunch: I had ham and cheese on crackers for lunch and some dried fruit.

Snack: Fruit

Dinner: BBQ at my parents’ house. I kept to mostly meat and salad. But I DID have a piece of Bread coz I left my bread at breakky time. Balance!!!

After dinner I ate some chocolate and biscuits. I like to be a bit more lenient on the weekends but I also try and keep it balanced, so that I don’t go overboard.





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