Consistency! A word that I seem to be saying very regularly recently.

What consistency means is: constant, regularity and lack of variation.

In regards to your health and fitness goals it means: training more than once a month or eating well or in an improved way for longer than a week.

Consistency is the number one thing that a lot of people struggle with, when it comes to achieving their health and fitness goals. Changing bad habits can be a very hard thing to do! The harder part about changing bad habits is that you don’t see immediate results from changing them. Your body takes time to process and show these changes and it can be frustrating for all of us.

Keeping the motivation to continue with making the changes in order to see results is something a lot of my clients tend to struggle with. What are my tips to keep your consistency up?

-REMEMBER! You may have spent 5 years not exercising and eat lots of bad food. You cannot expect to change a few things and see results overnight. It could take 3 months before you see any weight loss or improve your health. You have to keep at it for a long time, it needs to be seen as a LIFESTYLE, not something you will only stick to until you have achieved the results you wanted.

-Making unrealistic changes that are hard to maintain, such as cutting out entire food groups or deciding you will NEVER eat the foods you love, will make you lack consistency. Pick a few things to work on: drinking more water, eating more veggies, snacking more throughout the day instead of changing EVERYTHING.

– Follow a program, get a gym buddy, go to a group fitness class.

-If you haven’t exercised for a long time. Don’t try and train 7 days in the first week. Get super sore and then decide that exercise is not enjoyable.

-Remember the 80-20 rule! Eat well 80% of the time. Put your naughty food in 20% of the time. It’s about balance and being able to enjoy yourself! If you know you’re going out for dinner on the weekend. Eat well the day before and after and enjoy dinner with friends by not having to eat salad when everyone else is eating whatever they want.

-Be organised and plan ahead! It makes it easier to make better decisions.

-If you have a bad day, meal, week, whatever. Get back on the wagon! It only gets worse if you keep eating bad food!

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Stay Consistent Guys!


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