What is the best type of Training?

Training, Exercise, Working out. There are so many names for it and SO many different ways to get training done. I get asked so many times, what way is the BEST way to train.

The simple answer is…. It depends on YOU! I have been in the fitness Industry for a while now. When I started, I would try everything that was new or flashy to get BETTER results. I had a few of the other trainers telling me to just do weights, just lift heavy. That is the be all and end all. For a while I listened, but after a while I decided I didn’t like that type of training all the time. ***DISCLAIMER!*** Just because I didn’t like doing that training all the time, doesn’t mean it’s not the right training for everyone! Everyone is different and has different bodies! I have seen quite a few people, do just- or mostly – heavy weights and get great results!

fatty running.png

I found that I got really hungry and then was eating way too much food (and not always the right food-that’s another blog) and it kind of counteracted the results I could potentially have been getting.

I decided to try JUST doing cardio for a while. Which was okay too. But then I felt that I started to get saggy and jiggly. I didn’t really like that balance either. Again!!! Some people can just do cardio and be fine with it. My friend just does cardio and she looks GREAT!

Recently, my best training method is literally a combination of everything!


I love WALKS! I try and do those most days as I find them really relaxing and beneficial to how I’m feeling and also to how I look. My legs definitely lean up a lot when I’m doing a lot of walking.

I do some High Intensity Interval Training once or twice a week. I’ll incorporate sprints on a cardio machine or do a circuit consisting of Burpees, jump squats, rowing, mountain climbers or boxing.

group training.png

I do one or two Full Body Workouts a week. This keeps my muscle tone maintained, bone density and metabolism going. Again!!! Some people do weights every day, but split programs (chest day, back day, leg day. Ab day) For me, I don’t have the time, patience or attention span to do that all the time. Full body works for me a couple of times a week. I find if you are looking for GENERAL fitness Full Body Workouts tend to get the job done.

I also am in the process of adding in runs, rides and swimming as I’m doing a triathlon at the end of the year and NEED to train for it (Slightly scared guys!!! Haha). This proves my point that you have to train for your goals! If I didn’t have a triathlon coming up, I would not be running (don’t love running!)

The One thing I’m constantly needing to add in is a yoga class. Flexibility is an important part of your fitness regime and everyone should have stretching or yoga in their weeks!


Quad Stretch -Ensure hips are tucked under -Think Tall -Shift your weight forward to enhance stretch

I mentioned in my video last week, that you have to add in training that you actually enjoy and be consistent and realistic with how often you are able to do these training sessions. (If you haven’t seen last week’s video blog- check it out!)

Any type of training is good training. If you’re consistent with your food and training, then you will notice results. You also know what your body responds to the best. Just because someone has got great results doing one type of training, does not mean that you are going to get the same results or enjoy that training. Try a few different sessions of different training and find out what you enjoy.

If you have any suggestions or comments, let us know either on the blog or on our Instagram: broadshorts_pt or Broadshorts Personal Training. I am also wanting to do a Nutrition Q & A very soon. SO if you have ANY questions. Please comment on any pic on our Instagram account. I will make a note of the question and begin answering them J



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