5 Tips to get your Body Summer Ready

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How I (attempt haha) to Handle Stress

Stress and Anxiety! It hits most people at some point of their life. Some suffer with this worse than others. Me for example…. I stress and worry about EVERYTHING! A lot of it is over stuff that doesn’t matter! Over the years of Studying, working and running my own Business I have found some ways to get my stress and Anxiety under Control!


#1 Light a Candle! I did this, the whole time I was doing my assignment recently for a course. They smell amazing and they are so calming!

#2 Try and keep your workspace/Room/ House Clean. My parents always tease me about my room being a mess. But what I have been finding recently, is that I clean my room and ensure it stays that way…… MOST OF THE TIME haha, I feel I can think clearer and I feel calmer when I walk in.

#3 Exercise! It is hard to find time to exercise every single day! I get that, Do I train every day? No. Do I ensure that I find time for myself to train or be active 3-4 times a week, Yes! It makes such a difference to my mindset, I feel happier and like I have achieved something for myself. I deal with other aspects of my life better if I have kept active throughout the week. I don’t get to the gym every training session. I enjoy being outside and getting out of the gym, so going for walks and bike rides outside are a great way for me to switch off.

#4 Balance! This is one I really find hard! I get it right sometimes, but other times I find it really hard to balance out work, family, partner, me time and friends. When I start to feel overwhelmed and focusing too much on work, I try and schedule in time the following week to catch up with family, do some form of exercise, prioritise a few things that need focusing on for work and JUST do those things that week. I end up feeling so much happier.

#5 Action Plan! I like to map out what I should be getting achieved each week. If I don’t have an action plan, I achieve nothing in my week. If I’ve managed my time effectively I work better and feel less stressed. I also try and get most of my jobs for work, such as admin, blogs and stuff done early in the week, while I’m still fresh and have more energy. That way I can relax more towards the end of the week and just train my clients.



#6 Prepare a few meals ahead. It saves you time on cooking, you have to waste less energy on trying to work out what you’re going to cook for dinner and you WILL make better food choices because when you get home and starving with no food prepared, you will eat chocolate, biscuits, takeaway, chips. I am the worst for this! If I have no dinner ready for when I get home. I eat EVERYTHING, then I feel horrible for not eating properly.

#7 Discuss what you’re stressed about with family, friends or your partner. Saying it out loud makes you work through it better. Usually when I do that I realise that whatever I’m worried about probably isn’t worth the energy I’m using to worry about it.

#8 Re-Visit your Goals! I like to re-visit my goals every now and then to remind myself WHY I’m working so hard or trying to squash in study, PT and Reception. If I can see my goals and remember that is why I’m working hard, it motivates me and reminds me that I’m slowly working towards achieving them. If I’m not getting closer to those goals, then it’s usually coz I have not used my time as wisely as I should have.

#9 Find a hobby that you enjoy doing! It’s a great way to ensure you actually do something other than work. I keep signing up for triathlons so I have no choice but to train! I also enjoy reading, it is nice to just relax and read a great book.

#10 Get lots of sleep! The better rested I am. The better I deal with stress and heavy workloads. If I’m tired. I find it much harder to stay calm and do the stuff I need to get done.


So there are my tips for trying to manage stress. I try to stick with these as much as I can, sometimes I do better than others. But I am constantly trying to work on that. I find if I’m doing all or most of these things, I handle everything life throws at me much better.

What is in My shopping Basket?

What food should you buy to eat healthy but not boring? Read this to find out! I have spent the last few months food prepping great food and both D’Arcy and I have become leaner. But not once have we eaten plain chicken breast and broccoli (not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it can get boring if that’s the only thing you eat all the time)

Grocery Shopping and buying the right foods for the week is vital to keep me on track and consistent for achieving my health and fitness goals. The following foods are the foods that are regularly purchased for the week:


-Lean Beef Mince

-Crumbed Chicken or Chicken Breast

-Lean Steak


-Red Onion

-Brown onion

-Cherry Tomatoes




-Sweet Potato



-Kale Coleslaw mix

-Mixed frozen veggies (they keep for AGES! And are the cheaper option usually)



-Frozen Mixed Berries




-Chobani Greek Yoghurt

-Grated Cheese


-Rolled Oats

-Rice crackers


-Peppermint Tea

-Instant coffee

-Minced Garlic

-Canned Tomatoes

-Curry Powder

-Taco Mix

-Unsalted Nuts

-Peanut Butter

These are the foods that find themselves in my shopping basket most of the time. Of course occasionally there’s some chocolate because let’s face it, life without chocolate is horrible. But 80% healthy 20% chocolate is where it’s at.

Meal Ideas and Snack Ideas Using the Shopping List:

  • Porridge, With Fruit, Greek Yoghurt and Nuts


  • 2x Rice Cakes with small amount Peanut Butter and a Drizzle of Honey (Snack)


  • Curried Mince/Veg

Cook Mince with Onion (chopped finely) with a teaspoon of both garlic and curry powder

Once meat and onion are browned add in a packet of frozen veggies and a tin of tomatoes and some water. Once the liquid has been simmered down and the veggies are cooked through, take pan off the heat and put in a container to cool.

  • Taco Mince and Salad: Spinach, Cherry Tomatoes, Red Onion, Capsicum, Roast Pumpkin & Sprinkle of Grated Cheese (Featured Image)


  • Chicken and Kale Slaw: Cook chicken either Pan Fry or roast in the oven, I usually chop into Pieces on top of salad


  • Chicken Stir-fry: Dice chicken up and cook in a fry pan with garlic and curry powder, cook chicken until browned,  add in your choice of chopped up veggies. I usually add in some soy sauce and prepare a small amount of rice noodles to mix through. Top with nuts.


  • Greek Yoghurt, Fruit and Oats Sprinkled on top


  • Smoothie: ½ Banana, Frozen Berries (1/2 Cup), Handful Spinach, Greek Yoghurt (Couple of dollops), Water (Depending on desired thickness)


  • Steak, Cauliflower, Broccoli and Sweet Mashed Potato


  • Sheppard’s Pie Make Curry as mentioned above, put in a baking tray, top with sweet mashed potato, sprinkle cheese on top, cook on 200 Degrees until cheese is melted


  • Piece of fruit (snack)


  • Handful of nuts (Snack)