Eating Healthy On Holidays

Hi everyone! Long time, no post, I know! Things have been kind of hectic. But the good news is, the experiences have given me tons of things to write about. I was studying, which stressed me out HEAPS, but also taught me a lot. I’ve been reading up on some health and fitness stuff and have some exciting things coming up, so watch this space for things like our new Website, Info Packages, Group Sessions and Other cool promos! All will be coming VERY SOON! We also went travelling over east for a few days, which was great fun and very relaxing and refreshing, but I also felt super bloated and gross, over the first few days.


SO how did I combat feeling so gross and bloated????

-I drank LOTS OF WATER! I find the plane dehydrates me, a lot! So I ensured I had a massive drink bottle ready to go. It’s pretty difficult to get lots of water on the plane and it’s a long time to go, with only a small amount of water. Big water bottles are where it’s at!

-I also took a probiotic! Good gut health is super important! Regardless of if you are at home or away. I eat Greek Yoghurt at home and lots of green veggies. While on holidays, I find it tricky to eat yoghurt on the run, and the yoghurts available at cafes, aren’t usually the cleanest going around. So probiotics are a good option!

-I went for meals that didn’t involve chips! I only ate chips one time in 6 days. Considering we ate out at every meal, it was a good effort. We found a cool takeaway salad place in the shopping centre right near where we stayed. Quick, easy, healthy food made staying on track easier.

-Order the vegetarian Breakfast! Getting extra veggies in at any chance is a good idea wherever you are! The vegetarian breakfast usually comes with: mushrooms, tomato, avocado and spinach. All those veggies consumed at breakfast time is a great head start to your day! SIDENOTE: I’m NOT a Vegetarian, I love my steak!!!!! But I find this is a great option if you are trying to eat more veggies in your day.

-Don’t get too hungry!!!!! Keep snacks in your bag! If you aren’t starving by the time you’re ordering your next meal, chances are you won’t make any hasty, my eyes are too big for my belly menu decisions.


-Last but not least….. We drank green smoothies! I am not a massive smoothie drinker! Particularly when it’s the colour of Kermit the Frog! BUT!!!!! Coconut Water, Spinach, Pineapple, Mango and Chia Seeds are a winning combo, which de-bloated, re-hydrated and calmed my stomach! It even tasted nice (D’Arcy even consumed a green smoothie!) Word of warning!!! When ordering smoothies, be careful of the ones that contain juice and yoghurt or other ingredients that are deemed ‘healthy’ but can contain lots of added sugar!

SO there are my eating healthy travel tips. They actually worked! I came home feeling better than I have any other holiday before! Would love to hear any other suggestions! Remember watch this space for the next few weeks. We got some exciting stuff coming up!

Check us out on Instagram: Broadshorts_pt for workout ideas and my beef stir fry recipe!


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