Food and Exercise Tracker

Hey guys! Hope you’re staying warm… It’s FREEZING!!!!

Today I’m posting a link with a food and exercise tracker. You can use the tracker to enter in your food as you go, or to plan out your week ahead.

I find it really beneficial to be PREPARED when sticking to a healthy eating and training regime. It helps you be organised and know exactly what you are going to be eating and you have no room for excuses.

I ensure I have a rough idea of what food I’m planning to eat for the week, so I know what I need to be buying at the shops and what I need to be prepping for the day ahead.

The training tracker is also a great way to ensure you actually make it to the gym or do training sessions. It’s like setting mini weekly goals, to get you to your long term health and fitness goals. I am definitely a planner and need to have my week outlined so I actually achieve what I want. If I don’t set up times to train and prep my food. I do NO training, and eat whatever is easiest (which is never healthy!) By the end of the week, I feel sluggish and cranky.

SO here is the link: Food tracker

If you have any strategies you use to keep on track week to week or have any questions, please share below 🙂