How to get a flat belly!

How do I get a flat belly? Quite possibly the most popular question people ask me! The next one after that is: ‘what ab exercises should I be doing for a flat belly?’ Then, even after I give advice on how to get a flat belly, I see people just do abs and don’t really achieve their goal. The reason? People don’t change their food,  training, de stress or drink enough water.


Here are our tips for getting a flat belly (just in time for summer! 😉 )

#1 Drink Water! 2 litres every day at least! Your body needs to be hydrated to be able to get rid of toxins in your body. You will be less bloated- this means you’re a step closer to a flat tummy because less bloated= flatter tummy! You’ll also eat a lot less. If you are dehydrated, you will feel hungry! If you’re hungry you will eat more- usually more of the wrong food choices too- which doesn’t help you achieve that Flat belly goal.


#2 Eat 5 small meals a day! Eating regularly prevents you from being hungry and eating whatever you can get your hands on first! It also keeps your metabolism working, your body will break down your food easier and more efficiently.

5 small meals

#3 Have one main meal a day when you don’t consume starchy carbs. Sweet potato, rice, pasta, bread…. Leave them off the plate once a day!

starchy carbs.png

#4 Eat more Fruit and Veggies! If you don’t have some sort of fruit or veg at most-if not all- meals, then you need to rethink your diet- STAT! The minerals, vitamins, fibre (I could go on forever with the benefits…. But I think you know deep down why you need veggies!)

fruit and veg.jpg

#5 Consistency! If you eat healthy, for 2 or 3 days and then go back to eating what you were before, you are not going to get a flat belly. A treat here and there is okay, don’t get me wrong! But you need to be eating well 80% of the time to get any results! You can Train really hard! But it’s a waste of time unless you change what goes into your mouth.

80-20 rule

#6 Sleep well and De-stress! These two things make such a MASSIVE difference to your health and fitness results, stress makes your hormones go crazy! You go into ‘survival mode’ and your body holds onto everything! We’re talking, toxins, energy, fat and you feel cranky and on edge all the time too. Do some yoga, read a book, spend QUALITY time with family, friends or your partner. Seriously! Be happy!! You’ll be surprised at how much of a difference it makes! I definitely was!!



Just remember, getting that flat belly cannot be done just by doing crunches or the plank! It’s 80% food and 20% exercise. You CAN’T just train and not change what you’re eating. And before you make 272910101 excuses about why you can’t change what you’re eating (and believe me! I’ve heard them all! TWICE! Haha) It can be done, and relatively easily! It’s about making small changes, that are achievable and not scary or restrictive. Do these things and you will be on your way to success in no time! Comments, questions, share your story, below or via email, Face book or Insta



3 Day Food and Training Plan

E-Book Extract

Hey Guys! This week’s post is an extract from my E-Book that is coming to you soon!

Three days of exercise and great Eating! Click on the words ‘E-Book Extract’ and enjoy!

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How I feel about Clean Treats….

Hey guys. Another week has flown by! I can’t believe we’re in June ALREADY!!! 6 months into the year, 12 weeks away from SPRING!! I hope you’re getting your butts into gear and starting to cut back on the pasta, chocolate and wine and replacing it with Veggies, Fruit and Training.

Speaking of food. My uh….. topic today is about ‘Clean Treats!’ I had a convo with a client this week about the hype of Clean Treats and how people-particularly those ones trying to be ‘good’ and lose weight eat these so called healthy foods and can’t understand why they can’t lose weight.

I know what you’re thinking. ‘She’s full of it!’ Well, I know this because I used to make ‘Healthy’ Protein balls full of dried fruit, cacao powder and nuts eat 2 a day and struggle to see why I wouldn’t lose weight. The answer…..

Yes these clean treats are non processed, they are made of pretty healthy, natural ingredients. BUT!!!!!!! Those bad boys are calorie dense! If you are refuelling after a monster (I mean a ridiculously massive) workout and have no other time to eat, or trying to put weight on, or trying to get some nutrients in after being sick then those clean treats are okay. Any other time, maybe just have a piece of fruit, or some Greek yoghurt or…. Just eat the damn cake! If it’s a one off, then why not?

So what do I mean when I say ‘Clean Treats’? Here are some examples:

What I say to all this? Just eat the damn Pancakes, Banana Bread, Peanut Butter Cups or Chocolate. Remember the 80-20 Rule! Eat well 80% of the time and Eat Naughty stuff 20% of the time. It works! It keeps you on track and you’ll probably end up being less stressed about food! I can almost guarantee that if you add up the sugar and calories in these vs the same amount of the normal version, it will be about the same. Are the nutrients better yes. But if you are eating well 80% of the time, you are probably getting the nutrients you need anyway! Just because something is labelled clean doesn’t mean you should eat it.

***If you have allergies, then it’s a bit different, you probably do need to substitute some of the traditional ingredients.

Some people are going to COMPLETELY disagree with this! That’s Okay 🙂

Just remember that eating for HEALTH and eating for WEIGHTLOSS are two completely different things.

Just Before I Sign Off for another week, Here is a great workout to tackle next time you’re at the gym:


How To Set Goals, And Introducing D’Arcy

Hi Guys! Today on the blog we are going to be talking about Mindset and Setting goals, also we will be talking to D’Arcy about Sports Specific Training and why you might need to do it.

So! What is mindset?

  • Mindsets are beliefs about yourself and your most basic qualities. Some people have very positive beliefs about themselves and some people can have quite negative beliefs.

Just because you feel negative at the moment, doesn’t mean that you need to stay negative forever! There are many techniques to help change your beliefs and attitudes about yourself.

First of all, you need to consider WHY you are feeling so negative

  • Are you looking after your health? I’m talking great food, exercise, meditation.
  •  Are you surrounded by the right kind of people? Do you have people in your life that are draining?
  • Are you striving towards goals that you have set? Have you set any goals recently? I mean ACTUALLY set achievable goals that you can work towards and remember why you do what you are doing every day? If you are just going through the motions with no real reason, no wonder you are unhappy!

There are so many reasons you could be feeling negatively. But there is also so many ways you can improve it! There are a couple of methods I really like to use when I’m feeling down. They are kind of linked and they sound a little lame, BUT! They work!!!!!!!

Okay so we are gunna break it down into steps. Go and Grab a pen and Paper RIGHT NOW!…….GO! DO IT!



Write down your goals in the relevant section. Your smaller goals, for example your end of the month goals should be a small step towards your end of the year goal.

After you have written down ACHIEVABLE goals, that you can absolutely achieve. Find yourself either a weekly planner, a diary or set up a piece of paper how I have below to get yourself an Action Plan for the week!

Screenshot (5).png


Write down exactly what you need to get done over the week. You can’t do everything all on one day. But if you aim to achieve a few things every day, you’ll be surprised what you get done. If I don’t have one of these on the go, I literally do NOTHING with my week, sending my stress levels sky high. Even if you aren’t a list person, it is good to have an outline of how you should be spending your time.

If you need more help with this. Comment, Email, Text, Visit! I love this stuff 🙂

AND NOW! We get to know D’Arcy (Yay!!)

D’arc is also a Trainer at Bailey Fitness and Specialises in Sports Specific and Strength Training!


Sports specific training is simply fitness training designed specifically for an athlete to get better in whichever sport they are playing. These programs include a whole range of different training methods such as strength, speed, power, endurance, mobility, flexibility, agility, mental preparation (including goal setting), sleep recovery, nutrition, rehabilitation and Injury prevention.


I have done and I am still doing a sports specific training programme for cricket, which is currently a strength phase with injury prevention and mobility training due to me being tight and needing to be a bit more flexible. The programme is a three-day programme which generally works the whole body during that time.


The results I have seen from sport specific training for myself have been a gain in strength, being less injury prone, thanks to doing an injury prevention and mobility programme. Being able to move faster while playing cricket in terms of fielding and running (I need to be able to run between wickets and to field the ball).


People should do sport specific training if they are wanting to become better in whatever sport play! Whether it be football, basketball, cricket, soccer or even volleyball.



This type of program is also great for building strength, toning and not putting on too much size (yes ladies, it could be handy for you too!)

For any questions on this type of training, or if you know anyone who is playing sport and needs to get stronger. Ask D’Arcy for more tips or info. Contact D’arcy (contact info is on our home page!)