3 Healthy,Easy Recipes

Hey Guys! Sorry for being absent last week and not posting. I decided to not post in order to make and take photos of a few recipes to share with you. The following recipes are recipes that seem to make their way into my week quite often. They are easy, versatile and healthy! If you decide that you want to try any of these, but want to swap or add ingredients, go for it! Share your alternate ingredients on here! The more ideas the better!

PS! All these recipes are Boyfriend and Dad Approved 🙂


First of all is Mountain Bread Quiches! Great for a snack or a meal!




-Lean Ham Diced

-Coles Peri Peri Chicken (in the ham section) * Diced

-Capsicum diced

-Red onion diced

-Tomato diced

-Pumpkin chopped and steamed

-Rye Mountain Bread Wraps, Cut into Quarters

-Muffin Tin, Greased with Olive Oil Spray

-Feta Cheese, to sprinkle on top

-6 eggs Beaten


-Preheat Oven to 200

-Put everything except eggs, feta and wraps in a fry pan and brown

-Line greased muffin tin with 1/4 of a wrap (I do double layers)

-Spoon Meat and Veggies into Wraps

-Pour in egg mixture over the  top

-Crumble feta on top of each quiche.

-Put into oven and cook until the wraps are browned and the egg  is firm (about 20 mins)


Next is Pasta-Less Spag Bowl! It looks like this…..





-Lean Mince (of any kind- we made heaps for the next day/s so we used 1kg)

-1 Brown Onion diced

-1 Teaspoon Garlic

-1 Packet of Frozen Broccoli & Cauliflower Florets

-1 250g Pack of Sliced Mushrooms

– 200g LEAN diced Bacon

-we also put in some chopped chorizo for extra flavour

-Your choice of Pasta Sauce


-In a Pan, fry the Onion, Garlic Bacon, mince, chorizo until browned, then add in the mushrooms

-We cooked and softened the frozen veggies in a separate pan while cooking the meat

-Add the veggies into the rest of the mixture, then add in the sauce.

-Simmer until you have the desired consistency (I prefer thicker rather than runny!)


Last One Is Taco Mince with Salad (Again soooo Easy!)





-Mince of any kind. we usually go for lean beef or turkey mince

-Taco seasoning (salt reduced, 1 x packet per 500g mince)

-Tin Kidney Beans

-Iceberg Lettuce

-Cherry tomatoes

-Red Onion


-Cheese (if desired)


-Fry Mince until browned

-When almost brown, add in and cook kidney Beans

-Once Mince is cooked through, add in Taco Seasoning and  water, allow to simmer until liquid is gone

-While mince is simmering, chop up your salad.

-Put your mince mixture over the top of your salad and you are good to go!


SO there we have it, 3 recipes that are healthy, not boring and Easy! If you have any questions or feedback feel  free to email, text or comment!

BTW I’m posting now, so you guys have time to read this, get to the  shops and prep some food for the week! Haha.

Next week! We are going to catch up with D’Arcy and he’s going to talk about Strength and Conditioning Training for Sport. And I’m going to share some Time Management/ Mindset and Goal Setting tools.

Keep an eye out for it! Until Next time guys Peace Out 🙂


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