Smart Snack Swaps

Hey Guys, Happy Monday! Today we are looking at everyday snacks that are packed with hidden sugars. Show you what is actually in those snacks and give you some alternate ideas. Scroll ALL the way to the bottom for our Workout of the Week 🙂


  • JUICE:

Example: Just Juice Orange Juice 200mL serve:

76 calories, 0g Fat, 0g Protein, 17g Carbs, SUGAR CONTENT 16g

As you can see, Juice is a sometimes drink, along with soft drink! Change juice to herbal tea (T2 have some amazing teas you can serve cold), Green Smoothie, Water with fruit in it, or just drink water.



Example: Sultana Bran 40g serve:

153 calories, 0.8g Fat, 4.3g Protein, 28.3g Carbs, SUGAR CONTENT 10.2g

At least Sultana Bran has some protein and some good carbs, although the sugar content is still quite high. Replace this cereal choice with 2x eggs, spinach on 1x piece of Rye Bread, Fruit and unflavoured Greek yoghurt, Oats with a drizzle of honey.


Example: Yoghurt Tops Muesli Bar 1 bar

136 Calories, 4.8g Fat, 2.1g Protein, 20.5g Carbs, SUGAR CONTENT 9.6g

Such a small amount of food contain so many calories?! Make the swap to a piece of fruit, or a tin of tuna or rice cakes with ham, tomato and cheese.

muesli bars


Example: Yoplait Low Fat Yoghurt Strawberry Flavour 175g Serve

163 Calories, 3.3g Fat, 8.9g Protein, 24.2g Carbs, SUGAR CONTENT 23.6g

Make the change to Greek Yoghurt, Hummus with Veggie sticks or Low fat Cheese on Cruskits


  • PASTA:

Cooked Spaghetti Pasta 1 cup

220 Calories, 1.3g Fat, 8.0g Protein, 43g Carbs,

Although there isn’t too much sugar in pasta, the density of it is not great for weight loss goals. Unless you are bulking or training like a professional athlete you don’t need that amount of carbs regularly. Change Pasta for zucchini noodles in your spag bowl, have rice or sweat potato instead.





Do 21 of everything, 15 of everything then 9 of everything. Finish the workout with a 5oom Row. Try to have as little rest as possile. Let us Know how you go


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