Hey guys! This week we are talking about Depression and Anxiety. Depression is when you are sad or moody for long periods of time. According to the Beyond Blue Website 1 in 6 people will experience depression in their lifetime. Anxiety is when you constantly feel stressed or worried without a reason. Anxiety statistics are even higher with 1in 4 people being diagnosed. Anxiety and Depression are DIFFERENT illnesses, but one can lead to the other or you can experience both at the same time.

So obviously if you think you or someone you know is going through this they NEED to go to a GP or speak to someone. But what else can be done in conjunction with that care?


You need to have a look at what you’re putting in your mouth-no I’m NOT suggesting a diet! Is all of the food you’re eating coming from a package, is it super processed or is the nutritional content mostly filled with unhealthy fats and are ALL the carbs in the food from sugar? If that’s a yes, then something needs to change. Good food, makes you feel good. (I know this coz I used to lose my shit if I’d gone and drank a ton of Alcohol and consumed a heap of junk food, I would be a write off for a week!) It’s a proven fact processed, high sugar foods give you mood swings because of the massive high then the massive low it gives your body.

What You Could Change:

Think about the food you are eating, could you be eating more veggies? Introducing crackers instead of bread? Swapping normal potato for sweet potato? Swapping pasta for rice? There are SO many thing you could do, that aren’t scary. Check out my food plan sample to get some ideas.



Are you making an effort to do any daily exercise? The endorphins you release whilst training make you feel amazing. You don’t have to join a gym or start training 7 days a week. Try for 3 days a week.

What You Could Change:

Go for a walk, bike ride, swim, play sport, do a class, lift some weights. Aim for 30-60 mins depending on the amount of time you have free.

I also tend to suggest activating your pedometer on your smart phone (S Health for Samsung’s, I Health for IPhones) track your normal amount of steps and aim to get 2000 more, Build up to 10, 000 steps!


Now this one can be a hard one as I know some people who have anxiety and depression struggle with sleeping. Aim for about 8 hours a night. The less tired you feel, the better you can deal with everything that comes your way throughout a day.

What You Could Change?

See Below and above!


Remind yourself that there are things that are GOOD in your life! Try and focus on the positive. Find a cute notepad and write down 3 things you are happy or grateful for about. DO this every day.



This is a great way to wind down after a busy day. There are many different apps to take you through some meditation exercises. Find one you like and stick with it.


If you’re stressed, it creates havoc on your body. All your muscles will be tight, loosen them up by doing yoga, most yoga classes will do some meditation as well. Recently I’ve seen lots of free yoga advertised throughout the community. Google for some near you.



 If the people around you are toxic, you are going to feel worse! You need to be surrounded by people who support you and some of these changes you are trying to make. Negativity is not great to be surrounded by either. Even relationships can be toxic! Your surroundings may even be the cause of your anxiety or depression. So choose who you spend your time with wisely.


Social Media isn’t real life. You only see the good stuff on other people’s Facebook or Instagram. We seem to compare ourselves to other people on Social Media. Which isn’t fair because we aren’t them and we don’t have the same goals or lifestyle as the people we are comparing ourselves to. Try and stay off social media and read, call a friend or spend some time, not attached to your phone, with loved ones.



Coffee increases your stress hormone, cortisol! If you’re consuming more than 1 coffee a day maybe look at cutting it back and changing to a herbal tea. You are already stressed out enough. Don’t add more stress to your system!


Websites to look at:

Beyond Blue:

Tiny Buddha:


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