The Balancing Act

Hope everyone survived going back to reality yesterday after the extra long Easter Weekend. I also hope you’re enjoying that food plan I posted last week. (BTW any questions on that feel free to contact me!)

Today we look at Balance. Something that I’m not always great at. I find I’m either working too much, slacking off too much or so overwhelmed by all the things that I should be doing, that I just don’t do anything – and then feel terrible about it. From what I hear from my  friends, family and clients, I’m definitely not alone in that!

I feel happier when I have a great balance going on. I define ‘Great Balance’ by having time to: Work (This is both Training clients, Doing Reception AND time to post Blogs, do admin), spend time with my family, friends and boyfriend, having time (and not being too drained) to do exercise, I like to aim for 4-5 times a week and also having time to chill out and do some reading or watch TV.

Recently I haven’t been too balanced, which is starting to stress me out and make me anxious. When this starts to happen, I do a little goal setting exercise, props to my boss for introducing this to me about four years ago! It’s called ‘The Wheel of Life’

SOOOO, it looks like this:

To complete this, you need a piece of paper with the above diagram printed or drawn on it.

  • On the dotted lines around the circle, you need to write down EIGHT things in your life that are important to you. For example: work, friends, exercise, hobbies, partner, finances/saving  etc.
  • Once you have done that, rate each section of your life (a number out of 10) based on  how much time and effort you are dedicating to that particular thing at the moment.

Here is an example of a finished diagram:


Have a look at how much time and effort you are ACTUALLY spending on each part of your life and ask yourself how much time and effort you want to be spending on each individual section.

Write down the number or rating you would like for each segment, then record a few goals or things you want to do differently to get to that different rating.

Here is a pic of mine:



Any Questions, Comment, email or text me.

Gem xx


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