How To Start Your Fitness Journey

Getting started on any new health and fitness goals can be overwhelming and scary! Many people consider getting fit but don’t actually get fit because they don’t know where to start. A lot of things can stop you from getting started; Lack of motivation, Lack of knowledge, Overwhelmed by knowledge, Being scared of change or having Bad experiences linked to diets or exercise. Read on to find out tips on how to overcome these setbacks and get HEALTHY and HAenjoy today


If you know you should be doing some exercise and eating healthy but have zero motivation, here are a few ideas to keep you on track and consistent!

*Sign up for a Charity Event to give you a set date you have to be fit for.

*Find a reliable gym buddy who will be there to train with you the same time every day, working out with someone can be much more fun!

*Pay for a trainer. It will cost you money, but your form will be great and your workouts structured! If you are spending your hard earned money on a trainer, you won’t want to be wasting that time, cash and energy on not training any other time of the week, or eating junk food.



If you are unsure of what to do when doing exercise, and don’t want to waste your time doing workouts that won’t get you anywhere, here are some ideas;

*Checkout a Boot camp

*Join in on a group fitness class at your local gym- better than having a gym membership and NOT using it at all.

*Invest in a few Personal training sessions (See Last point of Motivation again)

*Buy a Reputable Training Program E-Book and follow it RELIGIOUSLY

healthy forks


Have you done a ton of reading online and now have no idea what advice to go with? Does it seem easier to sweep those goals back under the carpet?

*Keep your food intake balanced! Don’t cut out entire food groups (unless you’re allergic) choose more wholesome options such as sweet potato and rice instead of pasta and bread, or Greek yoghurt instead of the low fat flavoured kind of yoghurt.

*Exercise in relation to your goals and your body type! If you are tall and lanky, you can get away with mostly weight training and some light cardio. If you have an athletic build then you want to aim for weight training and a couple of cardio sessions in a week. If you tend to put on or hold fat quite easily then Step up the cardio with a mixture of Interval training, Cardio such as bike riding, boxing and jogging or running as well as incorporating some circuit training (for toning) into your week.

*Remember everyone is different. Your body, lifestyle and priorities are different to everyone else’s. What works for one person, may not work for another. If you try a type of training and notice it works for you, then stick to it! Regardless of what other people say.



Change is scary! I find a lot of people embarking on a health and fitness journey are uncomfortable about the changes they have to make at first. But once you make a change and do it over and over again, it becomes a habit and THAT is when you get results.

If change scares you…

* Identify THREE things you could change to improve your health and get you closer to your goals. Focus on those 3 things until they become second nature and THEN change another 3 things.

Examples of changes are:

-Eat more veggies

-Have no carbs at one meal of the day

-Drink more water

-Get a pedometer and aim to get 10,000 Steps a day

-Relaxation before bedtime



As a trainer, I hear this a lot! My answer to this is to find something you actually ENJOY doing! If you hate the gym but love bike riding, then buy a bike! If you don’t like running, but love dancing then go and join a dance class! You should enjoy and look forward to releasing those endorphins!

Any comments or questions email or post below!


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